Williamson’s Republican party chair heads to Washington for inauguration

Williamson’s Republican party chair heads to Washington for inauguration

When Julie Hannah planned for President-elect Donald Trump’s Franklin campaign event at The Factory, she had no idea he would go the distance from the crowded primary race to the general election and become the 45th president.

Challenged by pouring rain, Hannah ensured a smooth event in October 2015 at The Factory in Franklin as Williamson County Republican Party chairwoman. She got as many supporters into Liberty Hall as the fire marshal would permit.

Now all the preparation Hannah has to ensure is what goes in her suitcase as she readies herself for her first presidential inauguration. She will go via an invitation from Tennessee Seventh District Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-Brentwood).

Members of the elected Tennessee Congressional delegation are given an allotment of tickets. Constituents who wanted to attend could request tickets from Blackburn’s office, which still has a waiting list.

Hannah said she has had a fascination with the highest office in the land since about the third grade. It all started with a library book about presidents and their wives.

“I came home and told my mother that one day, there would be a book about presidents and their husbands,” she said. “That’s a true story. You can ask my mother.”

Now, Hannah can see the presidency change hands up front and center. She will arrive on Thursday. As soon as she lands in Washington, D.C., she will head straight to the Capitol to talk to Blackburn and other representatives about a host of issues.

“I’ve learned more about what I want in a president and the role in the whole executive branch. To be a part of the history – but also because I have been so interested – I feel honored and appreciative that Congressman Blackburn has this opportunity for people who live in this congressional district.”

On Friday, Hannah will bundle up and head out two hours before Trump’s celebration begins. She will be in reserved area like other members of the Tennessee delegation to see the president sworn in.

On Saturday, she will tool around D.C. hitting its tourist attractions before she heads to the Tennessee delegation’s ball. Hannah will not attend one of the three officials balls hosted by the incoming president.  

The party chair said she had a positive outlook for the next four years, particularly after having discussions with members of Trump’s transition team.

“I am excited about the potential of so much getting accomplished between the team President-elect Trump is assembling and our Republican leadership team,” she said.” It can’t be done in one year, and some issues on the agenda will take a couple of years. But overall, it will mean less big government in our schools and businesses, and the opportunity to deal with some issues that will help our economy grow while not increasing our debt.”

President-elect Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on Friday, Jan. 20. Ceremonies begin at 9:30 a.m. Eastern time, with the oath of office administered at noon Eastern.

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