Williamson GOP party chair says ceremony gave her “chill bumps” of pride

Williamson GOP party chair says ceremony gave her “chill bumps” of pride

It only rained a few drops on Julie Hannah’s viewing of her first presidential inauguration.

Out among thousands in the crowd, Williamson County’s Republican Party chair watched the transition of power for the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump. She said she watched as the crowds change “USA, USA, USA.”

Hannah’s vantage point of the inauguration. // PHOTO SUBMITTED

“I have an even greater love and appreciation for our country,” Hannah said. “Since arriving here about 24 hours ago, I’ve seen people from all walks of life and parts of this great country. What a celebration for America. You can’t be here amongst this huge crowd and not notice the diversity and unity.”

Hannah is one of the many who went to the inauguration via a ticket from Tennessee Seventh District Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-Brentwood). Members of the elected Tennessee Congressional delegation were given an allotment of tickets. Constituents who wanted to attend could have request tickets from Blackburn’s office.

Hannah’s ticket to the inauguration. // PHOTO SUBMITTED

Going on to the parade after watching the inauguration process, Hannah said she couldn’t get this thought out of her head. She also went to an event with all of the state’s Congressional representatives and senators prior to the parade.

“I’ve had chill bumps so much of the day,” she said. “What a beautiful country and such pride for America is all I keep thinking.”

On Saturday, she will tool around D.C. hitting its tourist attractions before she heads to the Tennessee delegation’s ball. Hannah said she was surprised on Tuesday when she received an invitation to one of the three. She originally hadn’t planned on attending.

Hannah arrived in D.C. on Thursday, where she talked to Blackburn and other representatives about a host of issues.

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