Williamson Forward to embark on second business learning trip to Denver

Williamson Forward to embark on second business learning trip to Denver


Williamson Forward, a delegation of Williamson, Inc., chamber of commerce members, will embark on their second trip next week to Denver, Colorado, to learn about how several Denver-area communities handle transportation and expansion challenges.

“It got started because we wanted to look at cities we compete with and found out how they managed some of their challenges when it comes to growth,” said Williamson, Inc., president and chief executive officer Matt Largen. “What do you learn that they do well, and what lessons can we learn that maybe they haven’t done so well.”

Williamson County has experienced growth leading to challenges in areas like transportation, education and economy that parallels the communities of Castle Rock, Centennial and Lone Tree, suburbs of Denver. On Sept. 18-20, the 90 participants in Williamson Forward will meet local leaders in these communities to discuss potential solutions to many of the issues Williamson County leaders face today.

Largen said much of the trip would be focused on transit solutions, and that participants would have the chance to observe Colorado transportation first-hand: “We’re going to ride bus rapid transit to Boulder, we’re going to take light rail from the airport, and we’re going to ride one of their connectors up and down downtown,” he said.

In 2015, Williamson Forward visited Austin, Texas, and traveled to the nearby town of San Marcos to explore similar topics.

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