Williamson early voting turnout down compared to 2014

Williamson early voting turnout down compared to 2014

As of Saturday afternoon, Williamson County had less early voter turnout by at least 3,000 residents compared to two years ago.

This election cycle, seven school board seats are up for grabs with two contested state house races in District 61 and District 65 in the Republican primary. In the last two weeks, there was a total of 9,229 early votes. This totals to nearly 7 percent voter participation, with around 143,000 residents registered in Williamson County.

“The turnout was pretty brisk for the last day of early voting for the Aug. 4 election,” Williamson County Administer of Elections Chad Gray said. “We voted nearly 1,000 individuals in a four-hour period.”

Only one day broke 1,000 voters streaming to the polls out of five locations – Brentwood, Franklin, Nolensville, Spring Hill and Fairview.

Here’s how the participation breaks down for the state house:

District 61 – 3,438 votes, totaling 7 percent of the 48,978 registered

District 63 – 2,693 votes, totaling 5.2 percent of the 50,963 registered

District 65 – 3,098 votes, totaling 5.9 percent of the 43,175 registered

If looking at just the Williamson County School Board race among the seven districts who have candidates, only 6,353 people voted out of the 83,386 residents. That is a 7.6 percent turnout.

Here’s how the participation breaks down for the Williamson County School Board:

District One (Fairview and west Williamson County) – 704 votes, totaling 6.7 percent of the 10,385 registered

District Three (Spring Hill) – 563 votes, totaling 5.1 percent of the 10,998 registered

District Four (central Williamson east of Interstate 65) – 680 votes, totaling 5.2 percent of the 13,023 registered

District Five (Nolensville to Kirkland) – 888 votes, totaling 6.7 percent of the 13,075 registered

District Seven (north central Brentwood) – 1,374 votes, totaling 10 percent of the 12,931 registered

District Nine (Sneed Road area, Grassland, south to Leiper’s Fork, east to Thompson’s Station) – 1,058 votes, totaling 8.1 percent of the 12,916 registered

District 11 (downtown Franklin south to Goose Creek) – 1,086 votes, totaling 10.7 percent of the 10,058 registered

In retrospect to past years, the 2014 August primary early voting outpaced this year’s, with 11,757 ballots cast, or 8.6 percent of registered voters.

Though, in 2012, before the presidential election cycle kicked into its final gear, Williamson had lower early voter turnout than this year’s. That year saw only 7,549 (5.8 percent) early ballots cast out of 129,558 registered voters.

And though no Democrats sat contested in the primary, Williamson had at least 17 percent voter participation that wasn’t Republican. Out of the nearly 3,500 who voted in the District 61 race – with three choices on the Republican ballot – 428 voters chose to vote solely for the school board.


Still haven’t voted?

Polls on Election Day, Thursday, Aug. 4, will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voters must appear at their Election Day voting precinct, which is based on residential address.

Visit www.williamsonvotes.net or the GoVoteTN Voter App to see sample ballots or to determine your Election Day voting location.

For more information, contact 615-790-5711.

Emily West covers Franklin and Williamson County government and schools for Home Page Media Group. Contact her at emily@franklinhomepage.com. Follow her on Twitter via @emwest22.

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