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Williamson County Sheriff’s Office captain announces his retirement at ceremony

Williamson County Sheriff’s Office captain announces his retirement at ceremony

Captain Roddy Parker, right, speaks at his retirement ceremony on Thursday, with Sheriff Jeff Long, left/Photo courtesy of Sharon Puckett, Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.


Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Captain Roddy Parker announced today he will retire from the force to become the police chief of the Nolensville Police Department.

After more than 39 years working for the sheriff’s office, Parker, who is 60, said leaving “really is bittersweet.”

“Williamson County [Sheriff’s Office] is my home, it’s where I’ve worked all my adult life,” he said. “There’s a part of me that really doesn’t want to leave.”

“But I’m excited for the new opportunity,” he continued.

Williamson County Sheriff Jeff Long said Parker was the longest-serving officer he could recall (Long started with the sheriff’s office in 1976, two years before Parker).

“Roddy’s integrity is beyond reproach, and he is well-respected among law enforcement across the state,” Long said.

Long said Parker began working with the sheriff’s office as a police dispatcher when he was 18 years old. At the time, Parker was also a member of the town rescue squad, Long recalled.

Of Parker’s early interest in law enforcement, Long said, “That’s what he always wanted to do.”

Though he is sad to see Parker go, Long said his presence in Nolensville is needed.

“I think he will bring the Nolensville Police Department to a level that the citizens over there deserve,” he said. “I think he will professionalize and modernize the department.”

Parker agreed in his estimation of the job ahead: “We’re reorganizing and starting over from ground zero.”

Though he was sworn in as the Nolensville police chief last week, Parker made his retirement from the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office official today during a reception at the Williamson County Public Safety Center.

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