Williamson County Schools is not paying for superintendent’s lawyer

Williamson County Schools is not paying for superintendent’s lawyer


The Williamson County School Board isn’t paying for a lawyer to defend the district’s superintendent after he was accused of misdemeanor assault.

According to the district’s communication director, Carol Birdsong, the board would have to take an action to pay for his lawyer and they haven’t done that.

A police affidavit describing the February event that led to Looney’s assault charge said that he grabbed a student by the arm and pulled her out of a chair. The police affidavit also said he brought her to his car, stood in between police officers and the student, and was aggressive towards the student’s mother. The document said Looney told the student to stop crying and that he would not have a scene at the school.

Looney’s contract says that the school board will defend him against any “demands, claims, suits, actions and legal proceedings” brought against him in the course of his work, but that doesn’t extend to violations of criminal law, improper personal gain or willful misconduct. Looney has been accused of violating a criminal law, but hasn’t been convicted.

He is due in court on March 27.

The contract also says the board is supposed to have liability insurance or coverage for allegations of wrongful actions by the superintendent.

If Looney is acquitted of violating criminal law, the board could decide to pay for Looney’s legal fees retroactively. That would require a vote by the school board. 

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