WILLCO PICKS: Ravenwood, Franklin, BGA feel like winners

WILLCO PICKS: Ravenwood, Franklin, BGA feel like winners


As we survey the week ahead in Williamson County football, we wanted to provide a new Wednesday feature for our Home Page readers.

We’re going to drum up whatever knowledge we have and try to pick the week’s games for our new WillCo Picks series.

GAME OF THE WEEK: Ravenwood/Brentwood 

With Friday’s rock’em sock’em rumble between the Ravenwood Raptors and the Brentwood Bruins getting closer each day, it’s hard to tell exactly how this one will go.

Ravenwood has taken the moniker of “comeback kids” for the district after their newfound knack for getting back into and winning games after being down early. Brentwood’s got quite a young roster, but they still have found ways to impress.

Both teams should be in playoff contention once November rolls around, so look for this one to be a slugfest with two talented rosters and coaching staffs trying to figure out a way to outman the other.

But the difference here could just be the matter of the address on the mailbox.

Ravenwood’s at home Friday night, and WillCo Picks feels that this one might go to the one with the home crowd (though, considering this is the Battle of the Woods, home might count for everyone since its a backyard brawl).

The Raptors feel like they might have the edge here, though don’t look for this one to settle until close to the final whistle.

PREDICTION: Ravenwood 27, Brentwood 24 


Can Franklin slow down Nathan Cisco, T.J. Sheffield and Isaiah Collier?

Can Independence slow down Josh Nichols, Chancellor Bright and Matt Gaca?

Like we said Tuesday, Franklin/Indy’s going to come down to defense.

Franklin’s defense is averaging 12.5 points allowed a game, and Indy’s defense is averaging 38.25 points a game.

The Rebels will also be at home Friday. Indy’s the best offense they’ve seen thus far, though.

This one feels like it’ll be decided by the defenders in red.

PREDICTION: Franklin 31, Indy 21


Can the Lions slow down red-hot Battle Ground Academy QB Nick Semptimphelter?

That’ll be the question for when Christ Presbyterian Academy heads down the way to BGA Friday for their pivotal district tilt.

The Wildcats appear to be unstoppable on offense right now, but CPA will give them their first big test of 2018.

Though, again, we’re calling a home sweep this week. Look for BGA to ride to 5-0 and CPA to pick up its first loss of the year.


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