When you are hand-painting 300 Christmas ornaments, you’ve got to have a system

When you are hand-painting 300 Christmas ornaments, you’ve got to have a system

PHOTO: The ornaments are set out together, and created one element at a time. // PHOTO COURTESY LORI WEGENKA



Artist Lori Wegenka started making local landmark ornaments for the Brentwood Franklin Woman’s Service Club several years ago.

She met a member of the club while installing some wallpaper. At first, the club asked for 20 ornaments.

“Before I could get the 20 done she had sold 50 more,” Wegenka said. “I worked my butt off to get those 50 done. Before I could get those done she said I have orders for 60 some more.”

Now she says the group can sell more than 300 every year.

Wegenka has developed strategies to get all the work done.

She uses an assembly line system to paint the ornaments. First, she puts a spray frost on the clear ornaments. Then she draws the scene. Finally, she goes down the assembly line painting one aspect of the scene at a time.

Today there are six ornaments to she has created, to help personalize and localize your Christmas tree, and to raise money for the Brentwood Franklin Woman’s Service Club.

This year’s ornament depicts the Franklin Theater.

According to club member Ilene Maslan, artist Wegenka “has graciously agreed to extend the deadline for pre-orders to August 10.”

Other ornaments in the series are Ravenswood Mansion (2017), Owen Chapel (2016), Brentwood Library (2015), Old Turner Barn, and Mooreland Mansion.

“Last year when I put an announcement on NextDoor, the response was overwhelming — so overwhelming, in fact, that we sold out before everyone was able to purchase one,” said Maslan, who is in charge of this year’s sale. “Since our artist needs a good amount of lead time, I would like to give people a chance to place their orders now. The actual ornaments won’t be available until around November 1st, and you don’t have to pay for them until you pick them up. I just need to know how many to order.”

The cost of each ornament is $30, of which $18 is tax-deductible.

To place an order or for questions, email Ilene Maslan at ilenemaslan@gmail.com. Include your name, your cell phone number, the number of ornaments you would like, and the design you want. Ornaments will be available after Nov. 1. Place your order by August 10.

The Brentwood Franklin Woman’s Service Club (BFWSC) is a 501(c)3 volunteer service organization supporting the arts, conservation, education, home life, international outreach, and public issues in our community. To learn more about the organization, please gowww.bwctn.org.

Mooreland Mansion
Brentwood Library
Old Turner Barn
Owen Chapel
Franklin Theatre
Ravenswood Mansion

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