WHAT’S UP WITH THAT: Hillsboro Road completion date pushed back

WHAT’S UP WITH THAT: Hillsboro Road completion date pushed back

A What’s Up With That? questioner wanted to know when the construction on Hillsboro Road in front of Franklin High School would be done.


Drivers along Hillsboro Road will have to maintain their patience as the road widening project has an extended completion date.

“We’ve encountered project delays because of underground utility  –– AT&T, water, sewer –– conflicts,” project manager William Banks said on Friday. “The contractors are currently making good progress, as most utility conflicts have now been resolved.”

A contract extension is currently being prepared to late November 2017. According to city officials, the contractor will continue to only have Hillsboro Road lane closures from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., to keep from affecting Franklin High School and rush hour congestion.

Crews this week dealt with a gas line leak, as well as one back in November.

Construction for the $11 million project started back in April 2016. It was originally scheduled to last 14 months.

Right now, Claude Yates Drive is closed, meaning those wanting to go to the Williamson County Animal Center detour on Joel Cheek Boulevard, cutting across the back of Franklin High School.

To finance Hillsboro’s phase-two widening, the federal government will allocate $625,000 in Federal Enhancement funds. Around $1.25 million came in state funds without any local match from the Tennessee Department of Transportation. The city can request a maximum reimbursement from TDOT of $1.75 million and will remain responsible for all remaining costs.

The improved area will stretch along 0.8 miles.

It will include:

– Widening from a 2-lane roadway with shoulders to 3-lanes (includes a new center turn lane) with curb and gutter (widening is symmetrical along the roadway’s existing centerline)

–  New 4-foot bike lanes on both sides

–  A new 3-foot grass strip with street trees

– A 5-foot sidewalk along both sides of the roadway up to Claude Yates

–  Street lighting along both sides using decorative street light poles

– Northbound right turn lanes (in addition to the 2 travel lanes and center turn lane) to be added in front of Franklin High School and at both of the Joel Cheek Boulevard and Claude Yates Drive intersections

– Installing a signal at Claude Yates Drive to help with Franklin High School traffic

– Upgrading the Joel Cheek Boulevard traffic signal

– Relocating all overhead utilities into underground duct banks

– Upgrading older and undersized water and sanitary sewer utility lines

– Installing a new storm water sewer system with catch basins and yard inlets.

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