WHAT’S UP WITH THAT: Cut cell phones off railroad ROW

WHAT’S UP WITH THAT: Cut cell phones off railroad ROW


With the resurfacing of Lewisburg Pike, some Franklin residents may be wondering about new signage that has appeared along the route near the railroad tracks.

“Cut Cell Phones Off Railroad ROW,” read the yellow signs, which were put up by road contractor Tennessee Valley Paving Company.

CSX, the railroad company which owns the rails running through Franklin, has a stringent policy about cell phone usage in railroad zones for their employees.

Bryan Derryberry, the vice president of Tennessee Valley Paving Company, said the signs are to remind the men working on the road of the policy.

When the paving company received their contract with the Tennessee Department of Transportation, Derryberry said there was a provision that his men would abide by rules of the railroad, which is a separate utility from the road.

Derryberry said the limit for using cell phones is the railroad right-of-way, or 25 feet from the center of the track on each side. “It’s just a safety precaution,” he said.

According to a Franklin streets department inspector, the signs are marking the limit. If men working in the road are caught on their phone within that limit, there is a hefty fine.

A representative from CSX could not be reached for comment.

Derryberry said construction on Lewisburg Pike would end on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

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