Wet soil slows down construction on Critz Lane

Wet soil slows down construction on Critz Lane


Wet soil has slowed down construction on Critz Lane, and the western portion of the road will remain closed until about the middle of April. The project will straighten out the road so that it intersects Highway 31 at a right angle. The intersection also will have a traffic light.

The western part of Critz Lane has been closed since March 5. The town originally expected to open it again in the first week of April. The purpose of the project is to make the intersection of Critz Lane and Highway 31 safer.

Town Administrator Joe Cosentini said that the project was delayed because the contractor ran into some wet soil from the frequent heavy rains lately. Roads require a solid foundation, and he said the wet soil can’t be compacted enough to create a good foundation. Now, the contractor has to remove the wet soil and replace it with rock. That process has already started.

The road construction is an inconvenience for residents of the Canterbury subdivision. Critz Lane is one of two important outlets to Interstates 840 and 65. That puts extra pressure on the second outlet, the intersection of Critz Lane and Lewisburg Pike.

Construction has caused some delays at that intersection, but Cosentini said it would be hard to reduce the traffic there. It’s not safe to put a traffic cop in the intersection because there’s not enough space and the speed limit is 45 mph. 

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