Video: Fire Department burns vacant house for training

Video: Fire Department burns vacant house for training

The Spring Hill Fire Department burned two vacant homes on Duplex Road over the weekend for training purposes.

The houses, stripped of carpet glass and other debris, were donated to the department by the state which will be clearing the land to widen the road.

Both fires were open to the public. However, Saturday’s fire lasted four hours and attracted about 50 onlookers.

While Safety Officer Mike Bryan lead discussion on fire safety to the crowd, several groups of new firefighters cycled through the house. Each team would extinguish the fire set in the home and then switch off to the next group.

The fires began around 9 a.m. and went until nearly noon when the department decided to burn the building which was no longer structurally sound.

Below is a time lapse from Saturday’s fire including three hours footage compressed into a little over a minute.

The heat from the fire, which hit 2,000 degrees, mixed with the 97 degree weather caused three small overheating disruptions in the video.

The department will burn the third and final home on Saturday beginning at 8 a.m. For details on how to watch the burn, click here.

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