Time to break out the seersucker at O’More

Time to break out the seersucker at O’More


The celebration of seersucker is returning to Franklin.

O’More College is celebrating the third annual “Seriously Seersucker” Party on Saturday, June 10 from 6 until 11 p.m.

Taking place under a starlit tent on the commons of the campus, the event will be hosted by Robert Hicks, author of the New York Times Bestseller, “The Widow of The South,” and a fan of the thin, puckered, cotton fabric.

“O’More College of Design is such a little jewel of a place,” said Hicks, who has been a longtime advocate for O’More. “All ‘Seriously Seersucker’ proceeds will greatly benefit O’More and directly impact the students.”

On June 9 (National Seersucker Day) several years ago, Hicks came up with the idea of doing a fundraiser for O’More. At the time, the school had no scholarship funds for its students. The following year, Hicks hosted the first Seersucker event, which turned out to be very successful and became quite popular.

“We had almost 300 people there and we raised some good money for student scholarships at O’More. So we did it again last year,” Hicks said.

The previous seersucker events took place in August. This year Hicks decided to move it to June.

“It was a last excuse to wear your seersucker before its seasonal retirement. We decided to do things a little differently this year and move it to the front of seersucker season. The party of the season has moved up in order to make the most of this trendy attire.”

Cocktails will be served as 6 p.m., followed by a toast and dinner courtesy of Hicks.

“It’s the most fun party you’ll ever go to that’s doing great work for a charity. You’ll see a great crowd of people decked out in seersucker,” he said. “There will be good food and there will be good music. I can faithfully say that it may be one of the most fun events I’ve ever been to. It’s just a really pleasant time. There’s a lot of dancing and music and fun. And there’s some alcohol involved.”

O’More College of Design is located at 423 S Margin St. Tickets are available at seriouslyseersucker.com and tickets are priced at $175 a person.

Hicks is expecting another great turnout.

“The only rule is that you wear seersucker. Show us what seersucker means to you. Seriously, step up and step out. Be daring and Southern.”

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