Throwback Thursday: The Summit Spartans’ first football game ever

Throwback Thursday: The Summit Spartans’ first football game ever

In Williamson County, high school football is a tradition.

It started in 1891, with Battle Ground Academy. Then, more than 30 years later, came Franklin High School.

One of the newest additions to that tradition is Summit High School.

The Spartans’ first year of football was in 2011. It was, like most first years go for sports, not the most successful in terms of wins.

But in terms of creating a new tradition, new fans, new stories and new legends, it certainly succeeded.

Summit’s first-ever game came on the evening of Aug. 19, 2011. It was both the Spartans’ first-ever and first home game, and it came against Clarksville Northwest.

The first-ever play could not have gone better. Philip Searry ran a kick back for a score to give Summit its first-ever lead.

Clarksville went on to win 34-12, but that year was not about winning so much as existing.

The football team that year was built from scratch and led by Coach Scott Keasler, who resigned in 2013.

“You come into a situation like this and you realize it is going to be a tough battle,” he said at the time in in an early 2012 Summit sports video summarizing the first season. “That is exactly what it was.”

The team barely had their own building and locker room before that first game. Keasler said they had to get special permission to enter their own locker room because it was still under construction.

Keasler was just as busy building a program as he was building the actual x’s and o’s of the playbook.

“We started with nothing,” he said. “We are all we got, and when we started that was all we had. It was a tough year, but it brought us together. We found a way to get through it, and the kids showed up every day.”

Those kids did not include any juniors or seniors. The new high school started with just freshmen and sophomores during its first year.

Despite its 0-11 finish to the season, the Summit football program had life, and in 2016 the Spartans are hoping to have their best year yet.

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