Thompson’s Station candidates locked in on November ballot

Thompson’s Station candidates locked in on November ballot


Candidates for public office in Thompson’s Station are now locked in after the qualifying deadline passed on Thursday, with a challenger for mayor of the growing town on the ballot.

Thompson’s Station grew from 2,681 in a 2013-14 census to 4,726 with a 2016-17 count. Growth continues east of Hwy. 31, where a new K-8 school campus opened this month, and in Tollgate Village north of Independence High School.

The deadline for voter registration is  on October 8, with early voting starting on October 17, going on through November 1.

Voting locations can be found on the Thompson’s Station government website.

Below is a quick rundown of the candidates.


Corey Napier

Running for reelection, Napier has served as mayor of Thompson’s Station since 2008, and has been a resident of the town for more than 20 years.

Mike Roberts

Longtime resident of Thompson’s Station, Roberts currently serves on the planning commission, and is a retired certified public accountant.


Shaun Alexander

A commercial builder by trade, Alexander says his construction background could offer something beneficial to the town.

Brandon Bell

A senior architect at Gresham Smith & Partners in Nashville, Bell currently serves on the board and is seeking reelection.

Alex Brown

Trent Harris

Harris currently serves on the planning commission.

Steve Hockett

Longtime resident, Hockett has served the town in various volenteer committees, and is a semi-retired engineer.

John Petterson

Petterson had previously run for town alderman in 2016, receiving 987 votes, or 23.08 percent.


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