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This is the hands-free diaper bag every mom needs

This is the hands-free diaper bag every mom needs


When I first came across the k’Boodle Hands Free Diaper Bag, I was a bit disappointed.

Not because it didn’t meet my expectations, or because I wasn’t impressed by it — it was actually the opposite. My children were already too big for me to use it, so I felt like I had missed out on a really great product for moms.

But now I’m here to share it with you, in the hopes that you’ll be able to use it to make your life easier.

photo via k’Boodle

The bag, which is available in several fun patterns, attaches to your baby carrier, acting as a baby carrier and diaper bag in one. Carry your keys, cell phone, diapers and snacks in the bag, and you won’t have to lug around a separate bag to hold everything in. Any product that simplifies life for moms is definitely worth checking out!

Here’s How the k’Boodle Attachable Diaper Bag Works

k’Boodle, the company that makes the attachable diaper bag, also sells Grab ‘n Go Wet Bags, which are designed to fit inside the diaper bag, and Radio Frequency Shield Lined Cell Phone Pouches. On the company’s website, customers are able to make a donation to help families who have special needs children get baby carriers.

Interested in getting a k’Boodle Attachable Diaper Bag for yourself or a friend? (Dads use the bag too, so maybe your baby daddy would like one …) The cost is $56.99 and you can shop at

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