STUDENT OF THE WEEK: Franklin High School

STUDENT OF THE WEEK: Franklin High School

Price Wynn


Price Wynn, son of Chris and Betsy Wynn, is a senior at Franklin High School and this week’s student of the week.

He is a member of the Franklin varsity football team and the hockey team.

Wynn’s favorite class is entrepreneurship. In the future, he plans to go into this field and become an entrepreneur himself.

When asked who is role model is, he said someone very unique and interesting: Richard Branson. Branson is the billionaire founder of the Virgin Group and is a business magnate, philanthropist and investor.

Wynn said that he looks up to him due to his strength in the face of adversity. “[He] achieved greatness despite the odds,” he said.

His mathematics teacher, Patricia Swift, had great things to say about Wynn.

“Price has shown an extraordinary work ethic this year that has allowed him to find success in my class. I’ve seen him mature and take ownership of his work in a way that is to be admired. I’m very proud of all he’s done thus far this year and looks forward to what’s to come,” Swift said.

After finishing up at Franklin this year, Wynn plans to attend college. Although he does not have a specific university picked out yet, he plans to pursue a degree in entrepreneurship.

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