STUDENT OF THE WEEK: Franklin High School

STUDENT OF THE WEEK: Franklin High School

Thomas “Chase” Hanlon


Thomas “Chase” Hanlon, son of Thomas Hanlon and Christen Richardson, is a sophomore at Franklin High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

He has a passion for technology and enjoys learning more about autonomous vehicles and coding. He said of technology, “It’s something I’ve always had an interest for and learning how it works.”

In his time at FHS, he has built his own computer and his coding group almost fully coded an autonomous car.

His favorite teacher, and one of his biggest role models, is Mr. Greene. “He is the best teacher I’ve had as he teaches in a way to prep you for the real world.” He added, “He has been very successful in the field I am going into and I one day want to be as well put together as he is.”

FHS’s Assistant Principal Dr. Lauren Bauer said of Hanlon, “Definitely my most improved sophomore! He has focused on his grades this year and it shows! He also received a raise at work recently [at] Walmart. I’m so proud of this student.”

After graduating from FHS in a couple of years, he plans to go to college to pursue a degree in Computer Science.

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