Spring Hill election day early numbers “disappointing” says election officer

Spring Hill election day early numbers “disappointing” says election officer

PHOTO: A Spring Hill resident casts their vote at the Winchester Community Building on Thursday. / Photo by Alexander Willis


Election Day is here in Spring Hill this Thursday, and so far the turnout has been described as disappointing by some election staff.

Early numbers counted at approximately 1 p.m. show roughly 350 residents came out to vote in the first hours of voting, which, when combined with the early voting numbers of 662, bringing the total to just over 1,000 votes, or just over 4 percent of registered voters.

For comparison, Spring Hill’s 2017 election saw a total of 1,769 votes cast for a 7.72 percent turnout rate. While voter turnout often spikes in the afternoon, the 2019 election will ultimately see a less than 6 percent voter turnout rate if Thursday’s current rate continues along the same course.

Election Officer Ann Burns, who’s working the voting station at the Longview Recreation Center, said the low turnout rate was more than expected.

“Turnout early voting, I think, was like 600, so yeah, we were expecting a pretty low turnout, unfortunately,” Burns said. “They’re saying we might get to 300 – 400 [at Longview], but I don’t think so. If we’re doing 25 an hour, I’d say 300.”

Voter turnout varied among the three voting locations; Longview Recreation Center, Winchester Community Building, and Spring Hill High School.

At Spring Hill High School, Election Officer Ron Webb said they had seen only 17 votes cast by around 12:30 p.m., also saying the numbers were more or less expected.

At the Winchester Community Building, Election Officer Wes Bryant said they had seen 84 votes cast by around 12:45 p.m., and at the Longview Recreation Center, election officers said they counted 249 votes by roughly 1 p.m., by far the highest number of the three locations.

Election Day voting will continue until 7 p.m., and will includes three voting locations; the Winchester Community Building at 562 Maury Hill St., the Longview Recreation Center at 2909 Commonwealth Drive, and Spring Hill High School at 1 Raider Lane in Columbia.

At the conclusion of Election Day, city leaders will gather at City Hall to read the results, and invites the public to attend.

To view a sample ballot, click here, or to view a machine sample ballot, click here. To brush up further on the candidates running for office, click here to view the Home Page’s final overview of the candidates.

“People do not understand that it starts at this very grassroots level, these are the folks that really decide what affects our lives,” Burns said. “I don’t know if we’re not teaching civics, or if we’re teaching it, we’re teaching it very poorly.”

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