Special program at 1823 Masonic Lodge commemorates two wars, 50 years apart

Special program at 1823 Masonic Lodge commemorates two wars, 50 years apart

The Franklin Civil War Round Table is hosting an event on Thursday, Oct. 18, to remember the Civil War and the Great War that followed 50 years later.

Williamson County connections to both wars will be highlighted at this special presentation to be held at the Franklin Masonic Lodge.

Franklin Civil War Round Table committee member and Lodge Curator Rachael Finch will share newly found “unknowns” during work currently being conducted on the historic structure.

In addition, Dr. Todd Van Beck will present, “Unknowns,”  a poignant talk about soldiers lost but to God and how we as a nation came to place the “Unknowns” in their proper place of honor at Arlington Cemetery.

Dr. Van Beck has spoken in Europe and around the world on the psychology of grief. His talk about Civil War “respect” of the dead at the August Round Table was highly praised.

The rare 100th anniversary of World War I program will start with light refreshments at 6:30 p.m.

The Hiram Masonic Lodge is located on Second Avenue in Franklin and is rich in history. Completed in 1823, it was the site of negotiations between President Andrew Jackson and the Chickasaw Nations. Union troops were quartered there during the occupation of Franklin in the Civil War.

Seats are limited. Admission is $10 a person to cover costs and make a donation to the Lodge’s restoration efforts.

To reserve a seat, please email: gregwade55@yahoo.com


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