Songwriter Miller enters race for 7th Congressional District

Songwriter Miller enters race for 7th Congressional District

Lee Thomas Miller, a Williamson County songwriter who describes himself as a Conservative Republican, on Tuesday announced his campaign for Congress in Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District.

Miller is seeking the seat being vacated by Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Brentwood, who has launched a campaign for the U.S. Senate.

“I’m a songwriter, the smallest of ‘small business,’ Miller said in a press release and video distributed on Tuesday evening by Steve Gill, a popular radio talk show host and political commentator who ran himself for Congress in the 1990s in the Sixth District.

Miller is the second conservative Republican to announce his candidacy: State Sen. Mark E. Green, a physician and West Point-trained Army officer from Ashland City whose name was floated earlier this year for Secretary of the Army, also is in the race.

On the Democratic side, Justin Kanew, a writer and movie producer who lives in the College Grove area also is running.

Miller is an award winning songwriter who lives in Williamson County with his wife Jana and their four kids, all of whom attend public schools in their community.

He has written songs for top country artists, including Trace Adkins, Brad Paisley, George Strait, Jamey Johnson, and Chris Stapleton. With seven No.1 songs, 12 top-10 songs and three Grammy nominations, the son of a Kentucky tobacco farmer and a small town librarian is a widely respected and successful songwriter responsible for such hits as “In Color,” “The Impossible,” “You’re Gonna Miss This,” and “I’m Still a Guy.”

“I’m a small town guy who grew up being taught that every decision should be rooted in common sense,” Miller said in his announcement. “That patriotism and walking with God are part of everyday life. That nobody owes me anything- it’s up to me to earn what I get,” Miller said. “I’m not a politician. I think we’ve had enough of those.”

“If politicians ARE hearing our voices and stories, they aren’t listening or doing enough to bring good jobs to our rural areas, secure our border and enforce our laws, to relieve the burdens that health insurance premiums and unpaid medical bills have on our families, or to address the fact that America today isn’t what it used to be — much less what it should be,” Miller added. “I am asking the voters of the 7th Congressional district to allow me to earn their trust, support and
votes so I can take their stories and concerns to Washington and in a way no one has ever done before. I believe that by working together we can make sure Congress listens”.

In 2006, Miller and his wife Jana were part of a group of Praying Parents who gathered regularly to pray for the children, the teachers and the Lord’s protection over the elementary school their kids attended in Wilson County.

The ACLU filed suit, claiming that the parents were proselytizing and the school was endorsing the activities. The Millers and other parents filed their own lawsuit to protect and preserve the free-speech and religious freedoms, and the court ended up setting guidelines for continued activities in the schools.

As president of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), Miller has fought for the protections of intellectual property before Congress and the U. S. Justice Department.

“Our values and our livelihoods are under attack, yet too few of us are fully engaged in the fight,” Miller said in the announcement. “Protecting unborn life, cutting taxes and regulations that cripple our economy, particularly in the
farm communities like the one where I grew up, and securing our borders and enforcing our laws, seem to be priorities for everybody except the politicians,” Miller added. “They WILL be my priorities, and with the help of those who live and work in this area we can make sure we get heard in Washington on those issues and more.”

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