Rep. Blackburn talks tax reform, housing market with Realtors

Rep. Blackburn talks tax reform, housing market with Realtors

A few weeks ago, the Williamson County Association of Realtors visited U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn at her office in Washington, D.C.

On Wednesday afternoon, the congresswoman for Tennessee’s 7th District returned the favor.

Blackburn spoke at WCAR’s semi-annual member luncheon at 1646 Westgate Circle in Brentwood. She addressed issues important to Realtors, such as housing opportunities, economic efficiency, flood insurance, tax reform and agency overreach.

“Realtors want to make sure the economy is healthy,” she said. “And that home purchases remain affordable for the American people.”

Members of WCAR visited Blackburn in the capitol three weeks ago, and the luncheon was a continuation of the conversation from that meeting.

“She was very receptive and we were very impressed,” David Logan, president of the WCAR Board of Directors, said.

“In Washington right now the tax deduction for interest on your mortgage is kind of on the chopping block. Every year they try to reduce it and generate more money for the IRS. And we are opposed to that because it would affect home ownership.”

Flood insurance is another issue important to the WCAR — and Tennessee homeowners, according to Blackburn and Logan.

As it is set up now, there is only one underwriter for the entire country, which means that low-flood risk areas, like Tennessee, are paying higher premiums to mitigate the higher-risk areas, like the coasts.

WCAR would like to see a more local approach and the private sector get involved, which could mean lower premiums for lower-risk areas.

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