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Reboot will redefine Style Home Page with issues, opinion and need to know information

Reboot will redefine Style Home Page with issues, opinion and need to know information


Style is more.

More than clothes. More than body shape. More than shoes. More than where you travel or who you know.

Style is seen by the world as something that we show on the outside. That’s why we are embarking on a project to broaden the scope of our Style Home Page. We hope to start a conversation where women think of their style as something deeper, more rooted from the inside. So when someone sees our style on the “outside” it is actually showing our hearts, ambition, empathy, pride and love.

I am a mother of three grown daughters – well, growing daughters. They are in the very throes of becoming independent, self-sufficient women, and what I see in front of them is a tough world. Things seem more complicated, more dangerous, more overwhelming, more judgmental, more busy and more angry.

In November 2015, we started Style Home Page and we have had some fun covering Nashville’s unique rhythm of style. In 2016, I began to evolve in how I saw the platform of Style Home Page, and in early 2017 I began to develop a broader vision for the online magazine.

I began to redefine style more broadly. What we were doing on our platform was not enough.

All three of my girls – and me for that matter – have our own style. Yet, our styles have more in common when it comes to our friendships, our work ethic, our respect for others, our global view on women’s rights, our career ambition, our loyalty, and most importantly, our deep and well-honed love of family.

This may sound heady to those who tuned in for the latest in clothes or makeup. But I hope you will give me some time to show you what I have in mind. I hope you will sign up for our email, read along and yes, please, give us feedback.

I want us to have fun – you, my girls, my neighbors, my friends, and those I look forward to meeting. I do want to talk about hair – crazy (or not) hair that expresses who you are and why. I want to talk about clothes – but clothes that gain you respect at work or express your personality and preferences. I want to talk about giving – and how we are all called to give to others in many different ways.

I hope we can talk about the things that my girls at the ages of 22, 24, and 26 want to hear and I hope women my age will chime in and answer their questions.

I have called on a group of women that I respect and trust. I have asked them to join this journey. We have been meeting, planning, organizing, writing and anticipating.

During the next week, you have the opportunity to meet them and learn from them.

I am excited – and a little nervous. I hope you appreciate our new direction. But it is something I must do – for my girls – for their friends – for my mothers – and for me.

Women are so much more than clothes, hair and makeup. Let’s talk about what that is.

Below is our list of future sections and topics we want to discuss. If you would like to contribute or send a letter to the editor, please send to We hope to hear from you.

BALANCE – How can we strive to achieve balance? Health, fitness, work-life balance elude many women. From a girls’ night out to a fitness routine, we need balance in our lives. Some learn too late how important this is – let’s learn now.

CAREER – What do you need to know to be confident in your career, handle transition and controversy. Where should I network and with who? How do I follow up after an interview?

GIVING – What are all the ways I can give? When I do this ____, it fills me up. Time, talents and treasures. We all have a different style of giving. Who needs me?

NEED TO KNOW – We have Anna the lawyer and Caren the financial adviser ready to share. Have you thought about starting your own business? What do you need to know about finances in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s? I am single. I am divorced. I am married. I need to know what I need to know.

FASHION & BEAUTY – We will continue to pay attention to the latest styles. It’s fun to hear about the latest skin care, the latest hair trends and the longest possible eyelashes. Let’s also talk about what your style says on the outside and how it reflects who you are.

FOOD & DRINK – Nashville has so much to offer in entertainment, music, food and a crazy amount of craft beer and cocktails. We can’t wait to get out and explore East Nashville, Midtown, the Nations, 12 South, Edgehill, and all the surrounding counties. Let us know what you want to know!

COLUMNISTS – We are continually seeking women who love to write and have something to share. We believe you will have fun with Julie, Megan, Jenn, Barbara, Rebecca, Caren, Anna, Deb, Vanessa, Jennifer and Jenny and occasionally me.

I am pretty sure it would take 5,000 words to say what I want to say about all this. So this Style Home Page manifesto is going to be broken up into several pieces. I’m stopping for now but here are some questions I would like you to think about. We are here for you – what do you need?

  • What do you see not being covered that you care about?
  • Do you have a voice and a need to be heard?
  • What fun places have you been to in the area that you want to share?
  • What struggles do you have at work?
  • What successes have you had in your career that might help others?
  • What painful experiences did you learn from?
  • What relationship struggles can we learn from?
  • Where do you like to volunteer your time and contribute your treasure?

Kelly Gilfillan is publisher and executive editor of Home Page Media Group.

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