Ravenwood football head coach Matt Daniels, asst. Ryan Fowler suspended by WCS

Ravenwood football head coach Matt Daniels, asst. Ryan Fowler suspended by WCS

Ahead of Friday night’s game against Dickson County, Ravenwood High School has suspended head coach Matt Daniels and assistant coach Ryan Fowler as the program undergoes an investigation.

“Yesterday, WCS was made aware of allegations of potential inappropriate participation by coaches at a Ravenwood High football practice,” the school system said in a statement to journalist and Midday 180 radio host Paul Kukarsky.

“An investigation was immediately begun, and the investigation is continuing. Head Coach Matt Daniels and Coach Ryan Fowler have been suspended pending investigation. For tonight’s game against Dickson County, Coach Andy Elrod will lead the team.”

A report surfaced from Kuharsky reported Thursday that Fowler, a former NFL player who played for the Tennessee Titans, engaged with a Ravenwood athlete in a drill during a September practice, causing that player to have a concussion.

“Fowler, an assistant coach, donned shells– light under-pads — and a helmet and took on the role of a defender in drills, something he’s done periodically during his time as an assistant coach to the delight of the team,” he wrote.

“He filled a gap against a pulling offensive lineman and the two met in a crunching impact that left the player with a concussion.”

Fowler spoke to Kuharsky about the incident via text.

“I’ve been instructed not to comment,” he told Kuharsky. “Which is unfortunate because I’d like to set it straight. But I’ve been here before. I’ll just keep my mouth shut and respectfully let you do your job.”

Fowler had been Ravenwood’s defensive coordinator before this season, and had transitioned into an assistant role with the team.

Ravenwood sits at 4-1 ahead of Friday’s contest with Dickson Co.

Photo of Daniels from Deb Scally.

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