RAMON PRESSON: I’m Sinking in the Rain

RAMON PRESSON: I’m Sinking in the Rain

It’s official: this past weekend with a week still left in the month, we broke the all-time February rainfall record for Middle Tennessee set in 1880.

I believe it was then-President Rutherford B. Hayes who said that year, “I wanted to take the wife to Franklin for Valentine’s Day but I think I’ll wait till August when it’s dry and 97 degrees.”

It’s been raining here so much this month that…

  • I’ve got mushrooms growing on my legs
  • I put Plexiglass walls around one of my plant beds and turned it into an aquarium
  • Several area residents have moved to Seattle for a break
  • A drought sounds sexy
  • Last week I hooked a 9-pound bass in the parking lot of the Brentwood YMCA
  • I’m blocking the posts of all my Florida Facebook friends until June

Seeing winter sunshine in Middle Tennessee is rarer than

  • two registers open at Aldi
  • a watchable Grammy Awards
  • the Titans making the playoffs
  • a piece of toast landing on the floor jelly side up
  • your waiter not being an aspiring songwriter
  • seeing a lacrosse goalie actually stop a shot
  • a Jimmy Buffet song about mountains
  • a parent who loves travel baseball

The last time I saw blue sky and sunshine in Middle Tennessee

  • I had just returned Charlotte’s Web to Blockbuster
  • Spring Hill had only one auto parts store and only two Mexican restaurants
  • I was standing in line at Municipal Auditorium for tickets
  • Vanderbilt had won an SEC basketball game
  • I was nursing a pulled hamstring suffered during Jazzercize class
  • I was listening to a Boots Randolph 8-track in my Ford Pinto
  • I had just bought something at Sears

Ramon Presson, PhD, is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Franklin (www.ramonpressontherapy.com) and the author of several books. Reach him at
ramonpresson@gmail.com. To read Presson’s previous columns go to www.franklinhomepage.com/?s=ramon+presson

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