Pushing the button for yourself: How it felt for Williamson’s new politicos

Pushing the button for yourself: How it felt for Williamson’s new politicos


Being new on the political scene, three of those running for state House seats had never seen their names on the ballot before Tuesday’s election.

So we wondered – what is it like to see your name on the ballot for the first time?

Here’s how each candidate felt today pushing that button to vote for themselves.

Note: Responses are in alphabetical order.


Holly McCall – District 65 Democratic nominee

“It is so freaking exciting to vote for myself, to be able to go with my husband and push that button and see my name on the ballot. I can’t think of anything more exciting.

“I used to go vote with my mom when I was little, and then she was on the ballot. I actually got to vote for her. I just wish my parents were here today. I can’t imagine anybody who would be more pleased about this than my dad, but my mother would also be proud of me. I just wish they were here today.”


Courtenay Rogers – District 63 Democratic nominee

“When I got here, there was a really long line, and it probably took us 20 minutes to get in. [Rogers’ daughter] Clair got really excited. She looked at the sample ballot and said, ‘There you are!’

“It’s kind of surreal. It’s been nine months of really, really hard work. I voted in the primary for myself, but it’s been more time of thinking about all the people who helped me get here and all of the amazing phone calls I have gotten today. This is more about other people. It’s not me and my name. It’s what I represent and what I am willing to do to make a difference.”


Sam Whitson – District 65 Republican nominee

“It’s a lot of responsibility that I feel like is coming on. It was the same way in the primary. We are working hard. We aren’t going to take anything for granted. We are going to work until 7 p.m. We are going to fight like the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s Ark.”

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