Poll: Majority of readers prefer Split Log, Thompson’s Station for school names

Poll: Majority of readers prefer Split Log, Thompson’s Station for school names


In a poll of Home Page readers, a majority of people preferred Split Log Elementary and Thompson’s Station Middle/High School over the other options proposed for the new schools in Williamson County.

With over 100 poll responses, the county made its preferences for the three schools’ names clear before the school board votes later this month.

Thompson’s Station

For the new middle and high school slated for Thompson’s Station, the county will consider the following names: Clayton Arnold, Constitution, West Harpeth and Thompson’s Station.

The Home Page Media poll found a significant majority of residents, 65.3 percent, preferred the name Thompson’s Station.

In an optional short answer question on the poll, readers left their opinions on the name selections.

While Thompson’s Station was heavily preferred, some participants felt the name was unfair.

“Considering over half of the Clayton Arnold zoned students live in Spring Hill, I would think naming the school after Thompson’s Station would be a slap in the face,” one participant wrote.

Still, with well over half of the vote, Thompson’s Station is a clear favorite among participants.


With another obvious front runner, a majority of voters supported Split Log Elementary for the new school on Split Log Road in Brentwood.

Split Log got 50.5 percent of the vote, the next closest being Pleasant Hill with 22.8 percent.

In the optional response section, readers emphasized the importance of clarity in the names.

“Some are too obscure to determine why it would be chosen as the name…Jordan? Pleasant Hill? Constitution, ” another participant wrote.

Even with nods to history, geographically themed names were the clear preference.

“I recommend names that help identify location or geography as a parent that travels to schools for events,” another participant wrote. “Also, if you suggest names that are different, make it easy to find the history…ie. I love the history of Lipscomb Elementary and it is easy to find when searching.”

Of participants, 47.5 percent identified as residents of Brentwood, 23.8 percent as Thompson’s Station and 28.7 as other.

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