Police say fitness center assault suspect told victim he was with ISIS

Police say fitness center assault suspect told victim he was with ISIS

After working with the FBI, Franklin authorities have charged a Fairview man with creating a disturbance inside a fitness center late last week.

Authorities arrested Johnny Roscoe, 34, on an assault charge after obtaining a warrant for his arrest on Thursday night.

On June 17 police answered a call at the fitness center on Shingle Way after staff called to report a man creating a disturbance inside.

The officer’s affidavit indicates that,”Mr. Roscoe became irate, raising his voice and cursing. Mr. Roscoe stepped toward [the victim] telling her that he was from the Middle East and an ISIS Muslim. Mr. Roscoe raised his right hand forming what appeared to be a pistol and made two gunshot sounds while looking directly at [the victim].”

According to the press release, responding officers became concerned that the subject was experiencing a mental health emergency, and requested medical assistance. Roscoe was transported by ambulance, under police escort, to the hospital for a comprehensive mental health evaluation, and subsequently admitted. On Sunday, the subject was transferred to Middle Tennessee Mental Health, where staff there evaluated and released him, later that same day.

Franklin Police Department officers then conducted an in-depth interview of the subject after information was received that Roscoe mentioned he was planning to join a terrorist organization. During the interview, police questioned the man regarding his statement, and disturbing posts that he made on social media. Federal authorities also questioned him.

Officers who responded to the original call at the fitness center continued their investigation, conducting multiple interviews, and found probable cause that Roscoe committed an assault by intimidation against an individual at the fitness center during the original disturbance.

Roscoe is being held in the Williamson County Jail on the $10,000 bond set by the Magistrate.

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