Plans for Page Middle and Page High expansions released

Plans for Page Middle and Page High expansions released

Williamson County School officials released two versions of the long-awaited master plans for the Page Middle and Page High School campuses along Arno Road.

The current structures sit decades old. With hundreds of students flooding into the southeast portion of the county, Page’s schools have only gotten more crowded. Right now, Page Middle is at 117 percent capacity. Page High is more than 100 percent capacity.

“This is long overdue,” Superintendent Mike Looney said of the plans for expansion.

Sewer capacity will become the crux of the project, with the district needing at least five more acres to expand. The district is asking adjacent landowners right now to see if any of their land could become a potential fit.

Below are the plans for each school with the phases and price tags for the projects.



– New classrooms: 20
– New students: 500
– Expanded cafeteria: 50 percent expansion into 6,250 square feet
– Expanded administration and entry area: 30 percent expansion into 1,500 square feet


– New entrance feature
– Expansion of admin area
– New media room
– Expanded cafeteria

The plan allows for 87 parking spaces and 100 vehicles for car stacking for pick-up and drop off. 

The cost for the classrooms are:

– Two story building (22,500 square feet)
– Single story (4,600 square feet)
– New entrance (800 square feet)
– Administration addition (1,000 square feet)
28,900 square feet =  $5.1 million

The cost of the new interior space would be:

– Expand cafeteria (6,250 square feet)
– Expand media center (4,900 square feet)
– Expand entrance (800 square feet)
– Relocate administration (1,000 square feet)

12,950 square feet = $1.1 million

The total cost of the middle school project equals $6.2 million. 



– New turf stadium
– Eight-lane track
– Renovated softball and baseball areas
– New three-story building (this equals 50 classrooms; 1,250 students and 101,250 students)
– New 18,000 square foot gym (equipped with locker rooms, toilets, concessions)

Price: $27.2 million

PHASE II OPTION A with new front addition (all other school functions remain)

– Expanded 5,800-square-feet cafeteria
– Expanded 7,000-square-feet commons area
– Expanded 3,000-square-feet administration area

Price for this phase is $30.8 million

PHASE II OPTION B with a new three-story building (101,844 square feet)

– 38 classrooms
– Art rooms, band rooms and music rooms
– Demolition work

The total cost of this phase is $19 million.


– New athletic facility
– New two or three-story building
– Administration area
– Teacher rooms
– Cafeteria kitchen
– Commons area
– Media Center
– CTE room for shops, structural engineering, TV studio, etc

The price tag for this option equals $16.6 million.


– Provide final pedestrians connections, canopies, landscaping
– Finished new campus (283,600 square feet)
– New gym and athletics (30,000 square feet)

The Williamson County School Board will vote on these options at its March meeting. The soonest the Williamson County Commission will see the plans and decide about funding would be April, which will dictate when the projects will begin and end.

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