PHOTOS: FHS honors football, band, cheer, JROTC seniors

PHOTOS: FHS honors football, band, cheer, JROTC seniors

Franklin High School recognized its Class of 2013 members of the football team, band, ROTC and cheerleading squad on Friday night.

Franklin High School recognized its Class of 2013 members of the football team, band, ROTC and cheerleading squad on Friday night.


Kenneth Garrett, son of Mike & Stephanie Garrett

Grant Taylor, son of Michelle & Glenn Taylor

Graham Warren, son of   Terry Warren and Chris & Kelly Janson

Haroun Naeem, son of Fareed and Salvia Naeem

Yameek   Woods, son of Latonya Jackson

Max Taylor,   son of Brad & Barb Taylor

Colton Morrison, son of Denise Morrison

Justin Kahan,son of Doug, Teri and Dana Kahan

Will McKerley, son of Lance & Jennifer McKerley

Daniel Muang, son of Michael Lian

Cole Yeomans, son of Adam & Lorraine Yeomans

Zach Bacon, son of Winston & Greta Bacon

Isaiah McDaniel, son of Terrell & Jan McDaniel

Forest Smith, son of Steve & Allison Smith

R. J. Bell, son of Stephen & April Bell

Drew Murphy, son of Blake & Kellye Murphy

Worsham Ward, son of Doug & Kim Ward

Akshay Patel, son of Sanjay Patel

Reuban Harrison, son of Willis Harrison

Sam Hayes, son of Craig & Pam Hayes

Daniel Junghans, son of Brian & Kristen Junghans

Nathan Stokes, son of Shane & Sandra Stokes

Mary Martin Carter, daughter of David & Marla Carter

Ashton Powell, daughter of Nate & Brooke Powell

Taylor Stamper, daughter of Lisa Brown

Marching band

Leland Andercheck, son of Ed & Barbara Andercheck

Elizabeth Ayers, daughter of Dan & Jeannie Ayers

Emily Ayers, daughter of Dan & Jeannie Ayers

Neal Babb, son of Danny & Helen Babb

Austin Baggett, son of Glen & Jackie Baggett

Margaret Baker, daughter of David & Robin Baker

Kenzie Bottoms, daughter of Calvin & Heather Bottoms

Jaleel Boyle, son of Michael & Beth Boyle

Lauren Bunte, daughter of John & Stephanie Bunte

Hannah Cavender, daughter of Keith & Gina Cavender

Kelsey Cherry, daughter of Brent & Sandy Cherry

Rachel Chiaravalle, daughter of Bernie & Gail Chiaravalle

Taylor Collum, daughter of Max & Cheryl Collum

Ben Crider, son of Doug & Suzy Crider

Brian Curl, son of John & Andrea Curl

Marjory Day, daughter of Roger & Jodie Day

Zach Edwards, son of   Ken & Janet Edwards

Andie Fisher, daughter of   Frank & Viky Fisher

Emily Gildea, daughter of   Bob & Rachael Gildea

Will Grooms, son of   Carole Grooms and Ed & Bambi Grooms

Austin Hurley, son of   Dan & Marie Hurley

Cayla Jones, daughter of   David & Carrie Jones

Zak Lewis, son of   Dave & Pam Lewis

Jake Martin, son of   Michael & Romana Martin

Mitch McCullough, son of   Mark & Tracey McCullough

Melissa McElroy, daughter of   Tom & Laura McElroy

Jimmy Negley, son of   John & Jeanie Negley

Amy Ogle, daughter of   Bob & Tammi Ogle

Ali Olson, daughter of   Matt & Sunni Paine

David Rehm, son of   John & Linda Rehm

Nayely Romero, daughter of   Agustin & Aracely Romero

Cohin Ruble, son of   Mamie Ruble

Jon Schupp, son of   Thom & Laura Schupp

Jess Smith, daughter of   Tom & Marne Smith

Maggie Smith, daughter of   William Smith & Jennifer Smith

Daniel   Spaulding, son of   David & Pam Spaulding

Coley   Spencer, daughter of   Streater & Jim Quiggins and the late Al Spencer

Sam   Stubblefield, son of   Mark & Shirley Stubblefield

Shea   Trammell, son of   Scott & Christy Trammell

Autumn   Triggs, daughter of   Richard & Heidi Triggs

Heather   Trotter, daughter of   Bob & Linda Carol Trotter

Carter   West, son of   Hal & Teresa West

Andrew   White, son of   Babs White

Jeff   White, son of   Julie Brian * and Mitch White


Robert   Bousquet, son of   Brant & Virginia Bousquet

Kyle   Darrah, son of   Llora Darrah

Hunter   Goodson, son of   Mark Goodson & Carol Goodson

Alex   Gonzales, son of   Adela DeNery

Crispin   Hyatt, son of   Billy & Terri Hyatt

Jonathan   Lesnick, son of   Allen & Randi Lesnick

Andrew   Preston, son of   Brad & Frances Preston

Alyia   Pytleski, daughter of   Matt & Carol Pytleski

Cade   Schneider, son of   Wes & Jeanie Schneider

Chris   Smith, son of   Steve & Liz Smith

Jacob   Stutts, son of   Terry & Lisa Stutts


Celia   Chapuis, daughter of   Daniel & Janie Chapuis

Annie   Darroch, daughter of   George & Terri Darroch

Ana   Grider, daughter of   Brian & Celeste Grider

Alexa   Henson, daughter of   Bill & Wanda Henson

Abby   Leonard, daughter of   Jim & Andrea Leonard

Maggie   McCabe, daughter of   Gene & Cassie McCabe

Anna   Piper, daughter of   Howard & Gina Piper

Nikki   Simmons, daughter of   Sherri Simmons

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