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‘Old Silo’ demolished for safety, three new businesses taking its place

‘Old Silo’ demolished for safety, three new businesses taking its place


The beloved “old silo” on the north side of Spring Hill was demolished by developers Monday afternoon as part of a year-long saga of the city pursuing a Chick-fil-a.

Mayor Rick Graham told the Home Page Wednesday that safety ultimately necessitated the removal of the silo.

“I was one of the biggest advocates for keeping the silo,” Graham said. “But it came down to the number-one concern: safety.”

After several drafts for a project on the property were denied by the planning commission, the version with a turning lane finally was approved in August.

“We needed the turning lane there and couldn’t keep the silo if it was going to interfere with egress,” Graham said. “We had someone to look at [the silo] and see if we could move it but they said it would basically be a big ball of dust.”

Pictured is the aerial glimpse at how the developers plan to use the land at 509 South Main Street. Counter to earlier plans, the image does not include the silo which sat on the Main Street side of the plot.

The property at the intersection of Wilkes and Main Street was originally set to have the popular fast food restaurant earlier in the year after the city produced a video imploring Chick-fil-A to come to Spring Hill.

Now, the land will be home to Chick-fil-A, a dentist office and a Chicken Salad Chick restaurant.

“It’s going to be dense and it’s still not ideal,” Graham said. “We just wanted the Chick-fil-A. But with the cost of the land, a developer has to do more with it.”

The people of Spring Hill cried out last week as bulldozers took to the plot of land, potentially threatening the beloved “old silo.”

After its demolition Monday, a Twitter and a Facebook account in its memory surfaced from residents lamenting the loss of another symbol of the town’s agricultural heritage.

But according to Graham, the city has received far more positive responses about the Chick-fil-A than negative responses about the demolition of the silo.


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