New vendor will bring fresh sounds, inventive booth to upcoming Franklin Main Street Festival

New vendor will bring fresh sounds, inventive booth to upcoming Franklin Main Street Festival

PHOTO: Lael Eccard gets excited when he teaches drums to kids of all ages, and he’ll also be eager to show kids and adults his mobile recording booth at the upcoming Franklin Main Street Festival. / Photo submitted


Those attending this weekend’s Franklin Main Street Festival on Saturday and Sunday will have ample opportunities to see and hear live music being performed. And if they’re so inspired, they’ll also have a chance to make their own music.

That’s courtesy of a new vendor to the festival. A relatively new business called DPV Music Lessons will have a booth at the festival where both kids and adults can experience what it’s like to make a recording.

“It’s a totally interactive booth where it will have a soundproof vocal booth where you can record a track,” said Lael Eccard, a veteran musician who started DPV Music Lessons in 2018 after rebranding his private lesson business eight years ago. “There is also a drum riser with an electronic drum set where [visitors] can put on their headphones and whale away for a while.

“I think the kids and their parents are going to be blown away. It feels and looks like a studio when you’re standing inside it.”

Lael Eccard works with one of his student on voice lessons. / Photo submitted

Eccard, who moved to Middle Tennessee with his wife, Amanda, from Los Angeles in 2015, grew up in a musical family in New Hampshire. “We’re very von Trapp-ish,” he said. He became a drummer and a vocalist at a young age, and has recently played drums for country icon Tanya Tucker, as well as Reverie Lane and R.J. Ronquillo, and is a regular backing vocalist and drummer for Jake Clayton.

Along the way, Eccard developed an interest in teaching music, especially to kids.

“They’re extremely eager to learn, and most of the kids I teach are usually interested in their own school bands,” Eccard said. “Because I was so active [in music] in my grade school, high school and college years, that has a huge appeal to me. … Teaching kids pulls me back into that world when I was there and in their shoes.”

He continued, “A lot of kids have all these other things that give them problems, and when they start taking an instrument or any kind of musical lessons, they end up doing better and being more sociable and getting better grades and seeming a little more outgoing. I kind of realize that I’m teaching a whole lot more than just music, that I have the opportunity to broaden their education.”

Through his DPV (drums, percussion and vocals) Music Lessons business, Eccard teaches from both his home studio and at homes of his clients.

In addition to Main Street Festival, he will take his recording booth to the Nolensville Farmers Market once a month. And he also does drum clinics at schools, including Mill Creek Middle in Nolensville.

Eccard said his family, including his 4-year-old son, Kairie, currently lives in La Vergne, but they plan to move to Nolensville when Kairie is ready for school.

They briefly lived in Franklin when they first got to Middle Tennessee. And fortuitously perhaps, one of the first places they visited here was the Main Street Festival.

“We loved Franklin,” Eccard said. “It felt like home.”

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