New elementary school in southeast Williamson delayed until 2020

New elementary school in southeast Williamson delayed until 2020

PHOTO: The Williamson County Schools board work session meeting Thursday night in Franklin // Photo by Alexander Willis



The elementary school southeast of Franklin that was scheduled to open next year on Gosey Hill Road off Long Lane has been pushed back to January of 2020.

A 22-classroom addition to Independence High School has also been pushed back to the same date.

Superintendent Mike Looney explained during a school board meeting Thursday night that Williamson County Schools has procured funding for both projects, but has not yet received approval from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) for a wastewater system on the site.

“Unfortunately at this stage, we still do not have TDEC approval,” Looney told the board. “We anticipate getting it, but we run into the timeline now where it’s really not feasible for us to think [that] in October we’re going to be able to open that facility by August of next year. I think what we should be saying at this point in time is, no later than second semester of next year is when we’ll open the school.”

Currently named “Central Middle,” the $29 million project saw its remaining $14 million approved by the County Commission this week, but still requires approval from other entities before construction can begin.

“In this case, TDEC has decided that an extra study has to be done,” Looney said. “I think it’s because they found some sort of plant on the site, and so it has to do with where the sewer can be located.”

The school is planned to have a capacity of over 800 students, and will reduce crowding from schools such as Trinity and Oak View elementary schools.

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