More than 1,800 homes are in Spring Hill’s planning pipeline

More than 1,800 homes are in Spring Hill’s planning pipeline


Several developers presented proposals to build more than 1,800 new homes in Spring Hill at the city’s Planning Commission work session on Monday.

Many of those plans were first proposed years ago, but they are still moving through the city’s approval process.

Some of the projects were expansions to existing developments, while others were proposals for new housing. The projects are all at different stages in the process. A few were conceptual plans for what a developer might want to do, but other developers were seeking final approvals before starting to build.

The Planning Commission doesn’t vote on anything during it’s work sessions, and it didn’t take any action on the items presented on Monday. Work sessions are a chance for members of the commission to talk with developers and go over any issues in the proposals. Working out the kinks beforehand makes the regular voting meetings move faster.

Among the proposals presented on Monday, was a plan to build 768 multi-family homes north of Reserve Boulevard, between Old Kedron Road and Station Hill Drive. That project would take years to build and Alderman Matt Fitterer asked the developer to start improving some of the roads that would serve the development in the future. 

John Maher, who is hoping to develop the area, said that typically developers prioritize building the roads that will serve the parts of the project that get built first. Developers usually build in phases, so in most cases homes in one part of the project will be finished before homes in another part of the project are started.

“It’s rare that you’re going to build roads that are not part of the development,” he said.

Fitterer pointed out that it’s rare for the city to approve a plan to build nearly 800 multifamily homes. 

A plan for a 600-home development on Jim Warren Road is actually smaller than an initial proposal. The city rezoned the property for residential use in 2007, and the developer planned to build more than 1,000 homes there. The old proposal would have included mostly townhomes or single-family homes that were attached. The new proposal is mostly single-family homes.

Number of homes Subdivision name Approximate Location Type of request


Southern Springs Saturn Parkway and Kedron Road Final plat


Wades Grove Buckner Lane and Duplex Road Final plat


Wades Grove Buckner Lane and Duplex Road Final plat


Newport Executive Condominiums New Port Royal Road and Tellico Drive Sketch plan


Shadow Ridge Kedron Road and Reserve Boulevard Site plan


Cherry Grove Buckner Land and Buckner Road Final plat


Beechcroft Subdivision Beechcroft Road and Dr. Robertson Road Neighborhood concept plan


3446 Jim Warren Road Jim Warren Road and Crafton Neighborhood concept plan
Total homes


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