Mom group’s South Franklin Chick-fil-a video goes viral

Mom group’s South Franklin Chick-fil-a video goes viral

Lauren Tenney, a mother of two, frequents the Chick-fil-A on Columbia Avenue so much that she wrote a song about it.

Starring in her own music video, Tenney delves into what it is like to be a mom with kids dining at a fast food establishment while trying to keep her four-year-old and one-year-old happy. The easiest place for her is the one full of chicken nuggets, free ice cream and a clean indoor playground.

The video called, “I Wanna Go to Chick-fil-A” shows the moms and their kids inside the restaurant for a typical lunch time experience — except not every diner gets to dance in the parking lot with the cow mascot in front of a film crew.

“It’s so welcoming to moms,” she said of the restaurant. “And I quickly learned that we are all there doing the same thing – breathing a little bit. The staff there is just amazing and helps you clean up. They can come by check on you. And when you have children it’s hard.”

Her video has gone viral in the area, with almost 200,000 views in the last four days. She produced and directed; Bill Filipiak directed and edited.

Chelsea Cunningham, Deidra Romero, Jess Smith, Jenilee Vander Elst are the other moms in the video with their own kids staring the mini hometown production.

As the group describes on its YouTube page, they are “is a group of millennial moms that do life together. Other than loving on our babies we are comprised of a graphic designer, a writer, an entertainer turned entrepreneur, a real-estate contract expert and an amazing cookie baker in the crew. We also wear yoga pants … a lot.”

Her gal pals who all live within three streets of each other have become the motherhood group known at The Texting Yoga Pants.

“Because we never have the opportunity to actually call each other on the phone,” she said.

Tenney said she had zero expectations for the video, but wanted the other #ChickfilaMoms to not feel alone in their parenting style.

“I really wanted them to laugh at the words in this song,” she said. “That’s why it’s so exciting. Everything I said, everyone has done it. My son runs barefoot in Chick-fil-A, and they relate, and that’s them. And the song was the story of their life. And it’s cool.”

She also thinks it is a part of the greater millennial mom movement. Tenney said many of today’s moms had previous careers. Motherhood has become different than it was when they were kids, she added.

“So now you have these moms who have passions, and things that they used to do and love doing,” Tenney said. “I think that we are human, and we have passions to create. We are all in the same boat, so motherhood is very different than our moms.”

The 35-year-old Franklin mom wouldn’t mind using her singer/songwriter and production talent to create more spoofs of what’s it’s like to be a parent.

But in the meantime, it is almost a guarantee Chick-fil-A will continue as her motherhood haunt.

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