Meet Franklin’s newest alderman, Scott Speedy

Meet Franklin’s newest alderman, Scott Speedy

Scott Speedy with daughter, Julia, son, Carter, wife, Kathy, and daughter, Anna/ Photo courtesy of Scott Speedy.


On Tuesday evening and the city of Franklin’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, aldermen for wards one through four will be sworn into office..

For the three incumbents, the process is old hat. But for Scott Speedy, the soon-to-be Ward 3 alderman, it’s his first foray into politics.

Speedy won the Oct. 24 election against incumbent Michael Skinner by 580 votes. But Speedy, 48, said his intention in running was not to build a platform against Skinner, but to run on his own merits.

“I didn’t want to get the job because someone was voting against someone else,” he said.

Speedy first thought about running for the position after being approached about it by a group of local business owners and community leaders. “At first I said thanks, but no thanks,” he said.

“Then I thought, ‘Why not?” he said, citing his financial and business background. “I like that it’s local politics and nonpartisan.”

Speedy moved to Franklin in 1981 when his father, a Secret Service agent, transferred from the Washington D.C. office to Nashville. “I’ve never left,” he said.

He attended Belmont University, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, before going on to receive his Master of Science in Management from Purdue University.

During his four years at Belmont, he was also a star on the basketball team, garnering the record in assists and three-point shooting percentage, and also ranking high in points. Speedy was also a NAIA All-American Scholar-Athlete, and was inducted into the Belmont Athletic Hall of Fame in 2000.

If you’re driving around Nashville during a Belmont basketball home game, you just might catch Speedy on the radio; he is color analyst for a few games each year.

Speedy’s financial background includes financial planning with Northwestern Mutual, a company he has worked with for 27 years.

Speedy believes his finance skills will be an asset to a city already known for its triple-A bond rating, the gold standard among cities. He explained that the bond rating means the city is a lower risk to investors, and receives lower interest rates, should government need to take out loans for projects.

“Regardless of what political party we are, we want to make sure the government is spending our financial dollars responsibly,” he said.

As an alderman, Speedy said he will focus on the completion of Mack Hatcher Parkway, which has seen years of delays.

“If I left office and knew Mack Hatcher would go from two to four lanes, I think it would be a success,” he said of his service.

Other items he hopes to focus on are connectivity and dealing with the rash of building permits the city is seeing. Speedy said he believed that 70 percent of new building permits are located in Ward 3.

Many lauded Speedy’s alderman campaign as polished and positive, a feat he attributes to his wife, Kathy. With a Master’s degree in International Business, Kathy Speedy had the know-how to get involved with the details of the campaign.

“She’s a good sounding board,” he said, noting that she helped him respond to questionnaires, prepare for forums, and deal with campaign finances, advertising and social media. “It’s just good to have someone there that you can trust,” he said.

Together, the Speedys have three children: their oldest, son Carter, is a sophomore at Centennial High School, while daughter Anna is in 8th grade at Freedom Middle School and Julia is a fifth grader a Freedom Intermediate School.

His well-run campaign begs the question: does he have any aspirations to a future political career?

“I would say no, right now,” he said. “I love my career. I truly love being at Northwestern and the financial planning world.”

But he admitted he had heard the question before. “I haven’t even served for one day! Let me serve first,” he chuckled.

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