McCall releases part of education platform for House 65 race

McCall releases part of education platform for House 65 race

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Democrat Holly McCall – a candidate in House District 65 – just released a video about her stance on education issues in Williamson County.

She also penned a column in The Tennessean, critical of contributions to her opponent Sam Whitson from a charter school advocacy group totaling more than $100,000.  Whitson defeated incumbent Jeremy Durham in the Republican primary.

Just last week, the Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance announced an investigation into the group Stand for Children for its actions in campaigns this summer.

“We’re at a point in the campaign where it’s critical for voters to hear contrasting messages from candidates,” McCall said. “I want voters, and especially parents, to know that I’ll fight hard to ensure Williamson County schools remain the best in the state.”

McCall said the the video and column are not a direct attack on her opponent, but are part of the larger conversation around education that voters should hear.

Although Williamson County’s public schools are among the best in Tennessee, McCall points to many factors that could affect their success if the local delegation doesn’t work hard to address the challenges.

“Voters here are big proponents of our public schools, so naturally they’re concerned about the consequences of a candidate taking $100,000 from a group that wants to expand charter schools, which in turn drains funding from traditional public schools,” McCall said. “But we have equally bigger issues to tackle, such as overhauling the BEP formula to ensure adequate funding, addressing the need for more STEM programs and more individualized programs for children on the autism spectrum, and keeping pace with our student population growth.”

McCall’s video, titled “Best in the State,” is the second released in as many weeks, and is part of a series of online videos leading up to early voting. Her first video, titled “Buckle Down,” was created to introduce her to new voters and to highlight important issues in the race. Upcoming videos will each focus on a specific issue.

“Voters in District 65 have endured several years of secretive and self-serving leadership, and now that they have a choice for new leadership they deserve to know where we stand on issues,” said McCall. “Above all, I want them to know I’m not beholden to special interests, and I’ll always be honest and transparent.”

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