Long-time city commissioner Anne Dunn will run for another term

Long-time city commissioner Anne Dunn will run for another term

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After almost 30 years serving Brentwood as a city commissioner, Anne Dunn says she has more work to do.

She announced her intention to run in Brentwood’s 2019 Municipal Election on Monday, Dec. 31.

To Dunn, another term as commissioner is a chance to continue serving her community.

“It really is an honor to serve the City of Brentwood,” Dunn said. “I thoroughly enjoy the work. I like seeing things happen and riding around the community and taking a lot of pride in all that we and the residents have accomplished together.”

Fiscal responsibility and funding for “top-notch” public safety are priorities for Dunn.

“Nothing happens if you can’t afford to do what you want to do,” Dunn said. “But you’ve got to do it in a responsible manner.”

She also wants to ensure Brentwood continues to have excellent city amenities, like parks, trails and libraries.

In all her years on the board, Dunn says her philosophy regarding Brentwood’s residential-commercial balance hasn’t changed. Right now, only five percent of Brentwood is zoned as commercial, and Dunn says that’s enough.

“That [five percent] serves our needs. I see no need to zone any other areas commercial,” Dunn said. “We’ve been very selective in what we’ve approved, and I think it’s paid off in dividends for us.”

Dunn said exercising caution in decisions about the remaining acreage is important because “there’s only so much left.”

The long-time commissioner served two mayoral terms and has served on several committees, such as the Planning Commission, the Historic Commission and the County Urban Growth committee. She’s also been a middle school PTO president, the president of Brentwood women’s club, an active member and teacher at the Holy Family Catholic Church and a member of Friends of the Library.

Dunn has been involved in her community since the founding of Leadership Brentwood, a program sponsored by the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce which identifies community leaders and develops their leadership skills and abilities to benefit Brentwood.

Dunn is an alumna of East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, where she studied English. In the years before she served Brentwood government, Dunn taught school and then stayed home with her children.

“I think I’ve proven over the years that I’m very responsive to residents. I’m very good at answering emails and phone calls,” Dunn said. She also cites her ability to disagree without making enemies, a skill which she says is sorely needed nowadays.

She’s not a new face, but her familiarity and experience is something Dunn says will serve her constituents well, should she be re-elected for another term.

Four commissioners will be elected in May, and no seats are guaranteed. Residents could elect a group of first-time commissioners to the Board.

“New ideas are always welcome,” Dunn said. “But I feel like I do offer some stability and experience to the Commission.”

The voter registration deadline is April 8, and early voting will take place from April 17-May 2. For more information on voting, visit GoVoteTN.com.

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