LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Franklin handling growth well


It is no surprise that Franklin is growing. People move here, as my wife and I did fifteen years ago, because Franklin is such a great place to live, work, and play. And, as Franklin has grown, it has become an even better place to live.

We have never lived in a community that has handled the challenges of rapid growth any better than Franklin. That is the direct result of good government by good people. For the residents of the 1st ward that person is Alderman Bev Burger who has worked for us for eight years and is now up for re-election.

If you know Bev, then I don’t have to explain. If you do not know Bev, then that is probably because you have not yet needed help with the municipal government.

We are all busy with one thing or another. So we all need someone whom we can trust to take care of business for us, especially when we need help. That person is Bev Burger, because she sees our problems as her problems. That is how she sees her job and that is how she does her job.

So I urge the residents of he 1st Ward to take the time to acknowledge what Bev has done for us by returning her to office. Please give Bev your vote in return for everything that she has done to make Franklin the great place that it is. She has earned it.

Jim Chittum

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