Justin Kanew, brother, co-star rally support at Church of the City in Franklin

Justin Kanew, brother, co-star rally support at Church of the City in Franklin

Photo by Alexander Willis


Democratic congressional candidate Justin Kanew visited the Church of the City in Franklin Tuesday morning to mingle with voters and rally support on election day.

With early voting in Williamson County reaching a staggering 48 percent – higher than the early vote in the 2016 general election – election day turnout is looking to follow suit, with hundreds pouring in to voting locations all over the county.

Justin Kanew (Middle) and his brother, Evan Kanew (Right), and Zev Glassenberg, who starred with Kanew on The Amazing Race in 2009 // Photo by Alexander Willis


Kanew, who jumped into politics a little over a year ago, said he has not and will not accept any donations from political action committees (PACs) or special interest groups. Kanew also argued against hyper-partisanship, saying party lines are what is truly dividing the country.

Kanew has also been in film and television, starring in the reality show The Amazing Race during its 15th season, as well as the 2013 comedy film Welcome to the Jungle.

“I think people are fired up, I think we’re seeing a lot more engagement than we’ve seen in a long time for a midterm election,” Kanew said. “I think the more engaged people are in this country, the better off we’ll be, and the more representative the results will be of what the people actually want. Tennessee is a non-voting state more than anything else, and I think, hopefully, we’re seeing that change.”

Kanew’s opponent in the race for Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District, Mark Green, has criticized Kanew for the disproportionate amount of campaign contributions he’s received from out of state, particularly California. According to the Federal Election Commission, more than 73 percent of Kanew’s campaign contributions have come from outside of Tennessee.

Kanew has argued that special interest groups and hyper-partisanship is the true division in America, not party affiliation.

“I think we have to get past the extremism and division,” Kanew said. “This country’s been ripping apart at the seams, and more than anything else, I think the work is to bring us back together. I’ve been working for 16 months trying to carry a message of togetherness and focus on the things that we have in common. I think if people give me a chance, they’ll see that I’m really trying to represent everybody in the state, not just Democrats.”

Voting will continue Tuesday until 7 p.m. For voting locations and further details, visit the Williamson County government website by clicking here.

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