Jacobson to present Wagner at Spring Hill and Franklin on Oct. 9

Jacobson to present Wagner at Spring Hill and Franklin on Oct. 9

Eric Jacobson, chief executive officer of the Battle of Franklin Trust, will be the featured speaker at the Oct. 9 Civil War Roundtable.

Jacobson has been writing a book on Ohioan General George D. Wagner, who is known for his career ruining performance at Franklin  when he did not retreat in an orderly fashion  after being placed in  the front of the federal lines.  Once he did order his men to retreat, it had become a rout as they ran back to their lines near the Carter House, nearly creating a breach for pursuing Confederates in the Army of Tennessee.  He will speak on Wagner’s performance at Spring Hill as well.

Jacobson is known for his highly regarded For Cause and For Country: A Study of the Affair at Spring Hill and the Battle of Franklin and his most recent work, Baptism of Fire, about three federal regiments whose first combat experience was at Franklin.  A Minnesota native, Jacobson has been studying the Civil War for 25 years and resided in Arizona before coming to Middle Tennesse in 2005.  He has led the Carter House and Carnton Plantation historic sites helping enhance two of the premier Civil War sites in the entire South.  He has also worked tirelessly in the preservation work at the evolving Carter Hill  Battlefield Park.

The Franklin Civil War Round Table presentation begins at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 9 at Carnton Plantation’s Fleming Center. The public is invited.

For more information, contact: gregwade55@yahoo.com.

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