Invest in memories with great family travel adventures

Invest in memories with great family travel adventures


I am passionate about family travel.

Choosing memory-making over acquiring things wins every time with my dollar and we’ve never regretted investing in vacations.

In fact, my love of travel and goal of making other families’ vacation dreams come true have led to my life’s work of creating dream vacations.

Vacation days and time off are more precious than ever as career demands make us feel indispensable. The demand to be reachable even on vacation can be maddening.

Get Away. Every day I talk to parents who spend time fantasizing about their travel dreams but have no idea how to execute them. Guided family vacations have soared in popularity in recent years as we want safety, a high level of service, rich immersion experiences, quality accommodations, and turnkey trips.

I represent many companies who do this well at different price points across North America and around the world, but Adventures by Disney is one of the best.

Disney? Do they have amusement parks all over the world? That’s not what I want this time! Stay with me.

Adventures by Disney is the Disney you know in the brand you trust. Safety, high levels of service, and rich storytelling are hallmarks of the company and you’ll feel confident knowing that your adventure will have all of these and so much more.

I’ll say it. Every trip is a once-in- a-lifetime experience. Two adventure guides, one from the Disney company and one local Guide, are with you every step of the way and anticipate your every need.

Memory making includes making friends. // SUBMITTED

On my first adventure last year, to fabulous Costa Rica, I had a water bottle in my hand the moment I thought I might be thirsty. We stood in a family-owned pineapple plantation as the owner peeled and sliced samples off the plant for us — never looking at his machete as he educated us. Our view from our beds two nights was an enormous volcano just past our hotel room curtains.

Whitewater rafting, ziplining, and getting to know our fellow adventurers were part of the fun. In fact, our sons, ages 16 and 22 on our second Adventure last July, still correspond with friends they made in Arizona and Utah.

We squeezed that trip in during the one week the four of us had away from work and school last year. Determined to find a time together before the working world took our college graduate, we jumped on the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Utah monuments trip.

National Parks in the west feature breathtaking scenery, geology, and history. // SUBMITTED

We spent time in four National Parks; each was more breathtaking than the last. The way our guides presented the Grand Canyon to us still leaves a lump in our throats. They knew and always cater to ALL ages.

Kids, known as Junior Adventurers, have activities geared to them the entire trip and even have a special night just for them.

Adventures do have age minimums for safety and activity requirements. Some trips can have a minimum age of four, but will recommend six, for example. Others may start at age six.

Every family selects their destination for different reasons, too. We have a family
who chose Norway because of family heritage. That’s a common desire. The next year they went to Greece. There are three separate Italy Adventures. One family loved Peru. China and Australia are great values as they include several internal flights. Wyoming, Alaska, and Montana are always popular.

Every Adventure has opportunities for relaxation and options for those who may want to sit out a rigorous activity, too.

The food? You won’t go hungry and neither will your children!

I dream about my next Adventure all the time. In the meantime, I spend my days turning others’ dreams … into their dream vacations.

Jami Hill

Jami Hill is the co-owner of FTM Travel, a full-service, no fee agency based here in Brentwood. When she isn’t traveling with her family or girlfriends, nothing makes her happier than planning trips for others. While Disney Destinations are her passion and she has traveled to Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line yes, more than 50 times at last count, she explores and books all kinds of vacations. Share your travel ideas with her at

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