HOME SWEET HOME: Keeping your home a sick-free zone, what to do if the flu hits

HOME SWEET HOME: Keeping your home a sick-free zone, what to do if the flu hits


With the flu season in full swing, and a strong strain of it being passed around, it’s important to be proactive around the home to keep germs at a minimum. With these simple steps, you’ll be off to a cleaner, healthier season– hopefully without any sickness!

How to prevent sickness in your home

Practice good hygiene

The first priority is always keeping yourself and your family clean. Wash your hands often, even more often than you would normally, to keep those flu-like germs away. Make sure you are showering  regularly and change your bed sheets once a week. Try not to touch your nose and mouth often and if you do, wash your hands immediately.

Keep the house cleaner than usual

Make sure you are regularly wiping down surfaces that would come in contact with germs. This means all bathroom surfaces, door knobs, kitchen counters, remotes and faucet handles. These items should be cleaned once a week during flu season. You should also invest in an air purifier that will keep the air cleaner and clear of allergens in your home.

Take care of yourself

During this season of illnesses and common colds, it’s important to make sure you’re looking out for yourself and cultivating healthy habits. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating regular meals, drinking lots of fluids, and upping your dosage of vitamin C, whether that’s through natural intake of fruit, Vitamin C supplements or the popular Emergen-C. Also make sure to incorporate lots of greens into your diet and to be mindful of managing stress.

What to do if someone in your home gets sick


Keep your distance!

Try not to spend too much time cuddled up together, especially if someone develops a cold or has flu-like symptoms. Make sure to cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing and to wash your hands after blowing your nose or covering a cough. Do not share towels, utensils, toys or kitchenware with the person who is sick.

Create a “sick room”

No matter how much you may want to, you can’t kick a beloved member of the family out if they come down with the flu or some other contagious virus. So, we recommend that you create a “sick room.” This room will be a quarantine of sorts. Most often, the bedroom of the family member that is sick will work. Set up the room with all the necessities—tissues, Gatorade, cold/hot compresses, blankets and medicine. As a healthy person, you should only go into the room when bringing meals in or administering medicine.

Pay attention to your body

If you start to feel slightly under the weather after being near a sick family member or friend, go to the doctor. Many sicknesses can be overcome markedly faster after a quick visit and a daily prescription to eradicate the illness.

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