HOME SWEET HOME: DIY or hire a professional?

HOME SWEET HOME: DIY or hire a professional?


Before you take on a bunch of projects that you believe are “DIY” level tasks, it’s important to evaluate each one and weigh all of your options. One of the main reasons for doing DIY projects, besides the pride you feel when finished, is to save money. However, sometimes, the opposite can happen. DIY’s can end up having unexpected costs.

For a guide on which projects you should pass off to professionals versus ones you can handle on your own, read the State Farm expert opinions below:

Update kitchen cabinet door fronts

According to the Cost vs. Value Report, a full kitchen remodel can cost nearly $64,000, but simply redoing kitchen cabinet doors by repainting, re-staining, or even adding new knobs can give the most trafficked area in the home a fresh feel. If embarking on the project on your own, be sure to research the best way to update specific materials and finishes.

Verdict: Do it yourself

Bathroom remodel

Bathrooms are especially tricky to renovate because of the small size and the numerous pricey components involved, say contractors. Even in a small space, installing new plumbing and ripping apart aging fixtures can take days. For a quick revamp, consider replacing lighting or adding extra storage to create a neatly organized, well-lit space.

Verdict: Leave it to a pro

New paint

If you invest in high-quality tools, a DIY paint job can be a great way to save money. Whether you’re looking to repaint bedrooms or simply cover scuff marks in the hallway, prepare the surfaces before starting the painting process. In-store paint professionals can help you choose ideal finishes for each type of room.

Verdict: Do it yourself

Replace tiles

Replacing tile in a small space can be fun project with an instant wow factor. When replacing tile, be sure to purchase items such as tile cutters, adhesive, and a utility knife to get a pro look.

Verdict: Do it yourself (or leave it to a pro for big jobs)

Add storage to a mudroom

There’s no need to work with a custom cabinet manufacturer for a sleek look. Consider installing low-cost, pre-made built-ins of different shapes to create a custom look. Add in anything from ready-made open shelving, stacks of drawers, and coat hooks to organize shoes, jackets, and bags without paying for custom work.

Verdict: Do it yourself

Up the curb appeal

Eager to spruce up the front of your home? It’s easier than you think. Consider re-painting your front door or garage door, adding easy-to-maintain landscaping, or placing potted planters near the front stairs. Even a few simple touches will give visitors a great first impression. For bigger projects that involve new hardscaping or regrading, you may want the insights of a landscape pro.

Verdict: Do it yourself or leave it to a pro

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