‘Guess who else is turning 50?:’ Brentwood women to create parade float for those born in 1969

‘Guess who else is turning 50?:’ Brentwood women to create parade float for those born in 1969


Though it is widely known that Brentwood is turning 50 this year, the city is not alone in reaching the milestone.

Residents Stacy Elliott and Melissa Oliver will also turn 50 this year, and they are ready to celebrate.

Both women have birthdays in the second half of the year, in October and December. But their first Golden birthday celebration will be on April 13, during the city’s first 50th anniversary celebration, A Golden Gallop Parade.

The women are planning a parade float specifically designed to honor Brentwood residents born in 1969.

Melissa Oliver (left) and Stacy Elliott (right) pose together for a picture during a holiday party. // Submitted

Elliott said the idea initially came from her son, who performed at the library’s Yule Ball. After the ball, Elliott said her son was approached by Community Relations Director Deanna Lambert about performing at one of the city’s 50th events.

As they were talking about 50th anniversary events, Elliott said it came up that she, too, had a big birthday coming.

It was only after deciding the float was something she wanted to take on that Elliott said she realized some of her good friends shared the same birthday year.

“Some of my good friends … I don’t realize that we’re in the same age group sometimes,” Elliott said. “I keep hoping to find these secret friends who are like, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re the same age?’”

So she enlisted Oliver for help, and the two have been planning ever since. Elliott said they are hoping to keep the float simple.

Elliott says the idea is that everyone will wear tiaras and sashes decorated with their 1969 birthdates, and the “float” will be a truck with a banner that says, “Guess who else is turning 50?”

“Anybody who wants to do it can do it with us,” Elliott said. “We’re going to be sitting in the truck, and if there’s enough room, they can sit in the truck or people can walk alongside.”

As of now, the women have plenty of room for joiners.

“I would love to have more people participate,” Elliott said. “Anyone who was born in 1969, that’s who we’re targeting. And all they really have to do is walk. If they don’t want to wear a sash…we just want to honor the fact that we made it along with Brentwood to age 50.”

For those interested in joining the parade float, the women have made a Facebook event page with more information. Elliott also encouraged people to reach out through email, at stacyseayelliott@me.com.

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