Greetings from Franklin Home Page

Greetings from Franklin Home Page

It’s our pleasure to officially introduce and launch Franklin Home Page, “The Go To Place for Franklin News First.”

Dear Franklin,

It’s our pleasure to officially introduce and launch Franklin Home Page, “The Go To Place for Franklin News First.”

Franklin Home Page ( is an independent and credible daily newspaper – without the paper – exclusively covering the City of Franklin and other areas of interest to Franklin residents and those who work here.

Three years ago this month, our company, BrentWord Communications LLC, launched Brentwood Home Page to provide “hyperlocal” news coverage for and about Brentwood. Since that time, more than a few of our Franklin friends and news sources have asked, “When are you starting a Franklin Home Page?”

To those who’ve asked, the answer is “Now.”

Over the past few months we have reached out and met with community and civic leaders, newsmakers, politicians, school officials and “regular” folks who call Franklin home. We still have a lot of people to meet and a lot of homework to do, but our goal from the beginning of the FHP creation process was to launch before the start of school and before the first kickoff of the high school football season. Local schools and prep sports will be central to our coverage.

What else will we cover?

Franklin city government, Williamson County government and public safety top our list of priorities. No, not boring meeting coverage, but the stories that come out of committee and work sessions that impact you where you live and work.

Residential development, economic development and business issues that impact the city and its infrastructure and services. Learn who’s filed for a business license and what business is coming into the space around the corner from your office.

We know that one of the most important services we can offer is free obituaries about local residents, and we do.  

Our weekly Real Estate section will always have a Williamson County-based cover story and the most current Property Transfers (you’ll find transactions from the last three weeks already posted!). Our weekly Showcase Home is an advertorial that highlights a local home on the market.

Six days a week before sunrise, we send a free daily email to FHP members and friends with our latest headlines, local sports scores and more. And we promise to only send a Breaking News Alert when there really IS breaking news you need to know about. To sign up to receive our email, click here. And please share the link with your friends, family and neighbors.

Please also “Like” our FHP Facebook Page and follow up on Twitter.

We welcome press releases and pictures from local community, religious, civic, school and other organizations. Send them to You can also help us fill our Community Calendar. It’s easy to input your own information and it’s free. You just have to sign on as a FHP member to have access, and that’s easy and free as well.

Franklin Home Page isn’t a non-profit, though access to our 24/7 website is free. We offer a competitive and exciting advertising venue for businesses big and small who want to target Franklin and Williamson County consumers. Our professional sales staff is ready to help your business thrive through FHP advertising. For more information, click here. We promise to respond within 24 hours (Sunday’s excepted).


And finally, we’d like to let you know about the Kickstarter campaign we are kicking off today in conjunction with our Franklin Home Page launch. We have bootstrapped BrentWord Communications LLC, Brentwood Home Page and, now, Franklin Home Page. There is no big faraway corporation to fund us or private investors to shore us up financially until we get our feet on the ground in Franklin.

If having an independent and credible online newspaper that reports on your city, your neighborhood, your city – or the one in which you go to school or work – we invite you to become a FHP Kickstarter.  Learn more by clicking here.

We know Franklin Home Page isn’t perfect – yet. We seek your input, so if you find a link that doesn’t work, a gap in our coverage, or if you have a story idea just email us your feedback and ideas to

We are committed to being the best, and first, news source in Franklin, just like we have in Brentwood. Our site will grow and change and adapt over the next few months as we get our feet under us here. It’s going to be quite a ride. And we’re so glad to have you coming along with us.

Susan Leathers and Kelly Gilfillan are partners in BrentWord Communications LLC, the Williamson County-based parent company of Brentwood Home Page and Franklin Home Page. Learn more about them and their company by clicking here.

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Kelly Gilfillan is the owner-publisher of Home Page Media Group which has been publishing hyperlocal news since 2009.

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