Free food winner from Spring Hill restaurant opening returns to win again in Franklin

Free food winner from Spring Hill restaurant opening returns to win again in Franklin

PHOTO: Residents from all over brave the cold Wednesday morning in Franklin for the chance of a year’s worth of free chicken salad at Chicken Salad Chick / Photo by Alexander Willis


Approximately 100 people from all over Williamson County weathered the bitter cold Wednesday morning for the chance to win free chicken salad for a year for Chicken Salad Chick’s grand opening on Carothers Parkway.

Photo by Alexander Willis

The last 99 guests in line for the grand opening received their year’s worth of chicken salad once the doors opened at 10 a.m., winning a monthly Quick Chick for 12 months. The person first in line, Gabrielle Greene, won one large Quick Chick every week for 52 weeks, and is no stranger when it comes to winning free chicken.

Greene was also first in line for the Chicken Salad Chick’s grand opening in Spring Hill back in August, and one of the first during the Chick-fil-a grand opening in Spring Hill, also in August.

When asked what he plans to do with all that free chicken, Greene said he had found a way to turn his winnings into something good for his community.

“I have a Meals on Wheels route, so I’ve been giving it to the people on my route,” Greene said. “The food that I have to deliver doesn’t look too good. I feel bad, so I’m like, ‘well this is a lot better than what you’re getting right now,’ and it’ll last them three or five days or so.”

Photo by Alexander Willis

Temperatures being in the low 30s didn’t stop the enthusiasm among participants that morning, all eager to take home the prize of the poultry.

“There’s plenty of chicken salad lovers in Franklin for sure, and just this community is so warm,” said Chicken Salad Chick marketing manager Ashley Daniels. “It was a perfect fit for us.”

Founded in 2008, Chicken Salad Chick specialized in all kinds of chicken salad, and has expanded its reach to 12 different states with over 100 locations.

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