Franklin property transfers, October 23, 2012

Property Transfers for 37064 as recorded in Williamson County

4400 Ivan Creek Drive, Ivan Creek, Franklin, buyer: Jay and Karrie Cummings, seller: Alliance Investments, price: $99,000.  Vacant.

1233 Ascot Lane, Redwing Meadows, Franklin, buyer: Mark S. Mize and Dara L. Eckerle Mize, seller: Kenneth D. and Heather W. Patton, price: $318,000.

313 Berry Circle, Berry Home Place, Franklin, buyer: Carbine & Associates, seller: Ashlyn Hines Menguzzi and Charles F. Daniel, Jr., price: $250,000.  Vacant.

Property Transfers for 37064 as recorded in Williamson County

313 Berry Circle, Berry Home Place, Franklin, buyer: Carbine & Associates, seller: Ashlyn Hines Menguzzi and Charles F. Daniel, Jr., price: $250,000.  Vacant.

537 Ardmore Place, Westhaven, Franklin, buyer: Jennifer G. and Kevin A. Chunn, seller: Mark B. and Penny P. Myers, price: $445,000.

1126 Hudson Lane, McKay’s Mill, Franklin, buyer: Scott D. and Christina H. Macintyre, seller: Matthew J. Tyska, price: $282,000.

122 Pebble View Drive, Cobblestone Court, Franklin, buyer: Brenda A. McAfee, seller: Antonio and Allison Kew, price: $334,900.

1508 Fleetwood Drive, Westhavem, Franklin, buyer: Charles Anthony and Christina Lannom, seller: Carbine & Associates, price: $1,200,000.

308 Century Court, Century Industrial Park, Franklin, buyer: Onesimo Jaramillo, seller: Murray O. Wilhote, Sr., price: $340,000.

2064 Roderick Circle, Forrest Crossing, Franklin, buyer: Isaac and Jennifer Debarbieri Haas, seller: Julie D. Woods, price: $222,000.

804 Willowsprings Boulevard, Willowsprings, Franklin, buyer: Darrell L. and Marilyn A. Mennega, seller: Michael F. and Cynthia D. Finucane, price: $407,000.

278 Irvine Lane, Highlands @ Ladd Park, Franklin, buyer: Bo J. and Amber Lee Kaesar, seller: Benjamin R. and Kristine P. Irwin, price: $370,000.

408 Luna Court, Henley, Franklin, buyer: M. David and Stephanie B. Norris, seller: CLL LLC, price: $90,000.  Vacant.

956 Green Street, Franklin, buyer: Lisa L. Frazier, seller: Hard Bargain Mt. Hope Redevelopment, price: $131,000.

504 Castlebury Court, Buckingham Park, Franklin, buyer: Donald Stanton Coe, seller: Adam B. Putvin and Adrienne R. Miriani, price: $290,000.

324 Starling Lane, Westhaven, Franklin, buyer: Jean and Paul Griffin Simmons, seller: Linda Lee Haden, price: $510,000.

221 Lighthouse Terrace, Sullivan Farms, Franklin, buyer: Robert and Paige Andre, seller: Daniel H. and Jean A. Sproul, price: $329,500.

117 Deejay Drive, Henley, Franklin, buyer: Joel R. Locke, seller: Boulder Properties, price: $110,000.  Vacant.

1101 Downs Boulevard, #182, Hardison Hills, Franklin, buyer: Jennifer Dozier, seller: Kevin Duks, price: $142,000.

4510 Gosey Hill Road, Spears Lea Farm, Franklin, buyer: Marilyn and Carl Haedge, III, seller: Drees Premier Homes, price: $516,250.  Vacant.

265 Wisteria Drive, Sullivan Farms, Franklin, buyer: Kevin and Christina Pierce, seller: Carolyn Wood and William F. Wood, price: $295,000.

4609 Nadine Lane, Ivan Creek, Franklin, buyer: Bryan H. Albritton, seller: Alliance Investors, price: $120,000.  Vacant.

5418-B Old Highway 96, Berryman Ridge, Franklin, buyer: Michael R. and Jodi Faeth Wolfe, seller: Lawrence N. and Laura J. Barnes, price: $700,000.  Vacant.

300 Megan Court, Chestnut Bend, Franklin, buyer: Kasey Christopher and Megan Lynne Vickers, seller: Paul A. and Susan M. Horn, price: $400,000.

2805 Manning Lane, McLemore Farms, Franklin, buyer: Michael F. and Cyndi D. Finucane, seller: John Rouse and Heather Oskowis, price: $470,000.

101 Williamsburg Place, Monticello, Franklin, buyer: Larry and Mattie S. Hastings, seller: Patricia O. Mitchamore, price: $240,000.

1105 Colonial Court, Yorktown, Franklin, buyer: Gary and Jill Link, seller: Lucile C. Parish, price: $259,900.

616 Shadycrest Lane, Maplewood, Franklin, buyer: Jennifer Yunker, seller: Wanda Angel and Carl Angel, price: $166,380.

1124 Harpeth Industrial Court, Franklin, buyer: R. Harvey Johnston, III Trust, seller: John G. Watkins, price: $740,000.

1348 Holly Tree Gap Road, Franklin, buyer: Omid Soltani and Diana Marie Griffies, seller: Ardavan Afrakhteh, price: $205,000.

139 Stream Valley Boulevard, Stream Valley, Franklin, buyer: NVR Incorporated, seller: Stream Valley Franklin, price: $90,000.  Vacant.

504 Dabney Drive, Barclay Place, Franklin, buyer: Jones of TN, seller: PSP Barclay Partners, price: $105,500.  Vacant.

161 Bluebell Way, Sullivan Farms, Franklin, buyer: David and Heather Underwood, seller: Scott D. and Catherine O. Anderson, price: $278,000.

450 Truman Road, Highlands @ Ladd Park, Franklin, buyer: Mike Ford Custom Builders, seller: Kerry Leyn and Paul Arnold Turner, price: $85,000.  Vacant.

Property Transfers for 37067 as recorded in Williamson County

1302 Bantry Court, McKay’s Mill, Franklin, buyer: Andrew R. and Ashley J. Allen, seller: Jones Company, price: $425,150.

300 Fieldmont Drive, Ivy Glen, Franklin, buyer: James P. and Kristi D. Rector, seller: Dan E. and Lisa J. Cooper, price: $345,500.

1845 Brentwood Pointe, Brentwood Pointe, Franklin, buyer: Mary Anne Marciante, seller: Haury and Smith Contractors, price: $234,000.

361 Lakemont Circle, Ivy Glen, Franklin, buyer: Scott Smith Ritchie and Carolyn E. Ritchie, seller: Eric J. Augustin and Carol A. Augustin, price: $345,500.

9021 Sunrise Circle, Morningside, Franklin, buyer: Walter H. and Helma Ritter, seller: Haury & Smith Construction, price: $379,154.

246 Pennystone Circle, Avalon, Franklin, buyer: Diane E. Locker, seller: Kellye Joiner, price: $285,000.

1408 Burnside Drive, Ashton Park, Franklin, buyer: Calvin R. and Mary M. Minner, seller: Cynthia W. Goodwin, price: $350,000.

520 Excalibur Court, Avalon, Franklin, buyer: Legacy Homes, seller: Gerald Dan and Catherine Laufman, price: $130,000.  Vacant.

523 Dabney Drive, Barclay Place, Franklin, buyer: Jones Company, seller: PSP Barclay Partners, price: $105,450.  Vacant.

1525 Bledsoe Lane, McKay’s Mill, Franklin, buyer: Mervyn J. Meyer, seller: Jones Company, price: $485,000.

1305 Pemberton Heights Drive, McKay’s Mill, Franklin, buyer: Manitosh Kaushik, seller: Susan L. Schaefer, price: $330,000.

1215 Stoney Point Lane, Ashton Park, Franklin, buyer: Pamela Hodges, seller: James F. and Linda H. Chavers, price: $415,000.

Property Transfers for 37069 as recorded in Williamson County

708 Nantucket Circle, Timberline, Franklin, buyer: Robert B. and Stephanie A. Krug, seller: Janet M. Stanley, price: $420,000.

1481 Willowbrooke Circle, Laurelwood, Franklin, buyer: Jim B. and Karen Faulk, seller: Timothy W. and Denise Downey, price: $1,005,000.

72 Alton Park Lane, Fieldstone Farms, Franklin, buyer: James W. and Jane A. Skillen, seller: Kathleen O. Thon, price: $235,000.

119 Harlinsdale Court, Harlinsdale Manor, Franklin, buyer: Michael P. and Jeanne M. Exner, seller: Centerstone Group, price: $205,000.  Vacant.

316 Chalford Court, Stonebridge Park, Franklin, buyer: Leonard M. and Arlene N. Brown, seller: Daniel J. and Christina L. Macmurdo-France, price: $462,500.

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