Franklin property transfers, August 13, 2013

Property Transfers for 37064 as recorded in Williamson County

5304 Old Harding Road, Franklin, Buyer: Bison Home Builders Inc, Seller: Jill Bowersett and Edward Bradley, Price: $450,000

113 Poteat Place, Franklin, Monticello, Buyer: William and Janet Chaney, Seller: Blanche Hill, Price: $248,000

113 Jefferson Drive, Franklin, Monticello, Buyer: Bank of America, Seller: Rubin Lublin TN PLLC, Price: $148,522

113 Jefferson Drive, Franklin, Monticello, Buyer: Bank of America, Seller: Rubin Lublin TN PLLC, Price: $148,522

201 Walnut Drive, Franklin, Hill Estate, Buyer: Courtney and Paul Anderson, Seller: Travis and Stephanie Shepherd, Price: $125,000

502 Antebellum Court, Franklin, Founders Pointe, Buyer: Nathan Ernest, Seller: Jason and Kimberly White, Price: $282,575

1431 Primrose Lane, Franklin, Carlisle, Buyer: NOL Holdings LLC, Seller: David and Kristina Massey, Price: $697,500

524 Ardmore Place, Franklin, Westhaven, Buyer: Federal Home Loan MTG Corp, Seller: Priority TR SVCS of TN LLC, Price: $370,280

470 Wiregrass Lane, Franklin, Westhaven, Buyer: Jonathan Bobbitt and Karen Langford, Seller: Mitch and Dyana Jones, Price: $529,900

1319 Eliot Road, Franklin, Westhaven, Buyer: Charles and Judith Haynes, Seller: Robert and Trudy Slone, Price: $569,000

1441 Westhaven Boulevard, Franklin, Westhaven, Buyer: Ronald and Mary Hurst, Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC, Price: $747,428

167 Gardenia Way, Franklin, Willowsprings, Buyer: Lani and Ronald Rossman, Seller: Lowell and Kathleen Perry, Price: $436,000

511 Marigold Drive, Franklin, Willowsprings, Buyer: John and Sandra Edwards, Seller: Peter and Katherine Lee, Price: $408,000

3229 Gardendale Drive, Franklin, Franklin Green, Buyer: Gregory Freeman, Seller: Matthew Rutledge, Price: $245,000

709 Fountainwood Boulevard, Franklin, Willowsprings, Buyer: Marion and Mary Holt, Seller: Mitchell Robert Living Trust, Price: $349,900

928 Glass Street, Franklin, Hard Bargain, Buyer: Cumberland Prop Inv LLC, Seller: Civic Bank & Trust, Price: $57,750

614 West End Circle, Franklin, West End Circle, Buyer: Erin Smith, Seller: Blake Davis, Price: $170,900

230 Adams Court, Franklin, Adams Square, Buyer: Robert and Julie Faster, Seller: Linda Hugen, Price: $332,000

#229 1101 Downs Boulevard, Franklin, Hardison Hills, Buyer: Yeang and Yuan Liu, Seller: Federal Home Loan MTG Corp, Price: $134,000

503 Braylon Circle, Franklin, Henley, Buyer: Philip McCutchan, Seller: CLL LLC, Price: $475,000

1765 Edinboro Way, Franklin, Forrest Crossing, Buyer: Dominic Gironda, Seller: Joe and Thelma Taylor, Price: $329,000

1808 Carrington Court, Franklin, Forrest Crossing, Buyer: George and Ellen Tutaj, Seller: Frederick and Alice Means, Price: $280,000

207 Creekstone Boulevard, Franklin, Creekstone Commons, Buyer: Kimberly Mathers, Seller: Pulte Home Corp, Price: $411,055

213 Creekstone Boulevard, Franklin, Creekstone Commons, Buyer: Justin and Amelia Emmert, Seller: Pulte Home Corp, Price: $400,125

2005 Loston Court, Franklin, Creekstone Commons, Buyer: Michael and Rose Philbrick, Seller: Pulte Home Corp, Price: $350,690

725 Wadestone Trail, Franklin, Creekstone Commons, Buyer: Kevin and Linnea Ledgister, Seller: Pulte Home Corp, Price: $328,075

113 Spring Cabin Lane, Franklin, Moores Landing, Buyer: Timothy and Sharon Johnson, Seller: Kendall and Ashley Adkins, Price: $363,000

411 Orchid Trail, Franklin, Sullivan Farms, Buyer: Naga Pasumarthi, Seller: Charles and Barbara Brock, Price: $270,000

319 Braveheart Drive, Franklin, Sullivan Farms, Buyer: James and Whitney Schindley, Seller: William and Staci Felt, Price: $339,900

187 Old Carters Creek Pike, Franklin, Leach Shawn, Buyer: Kyle and Kerrie Williams, Seller: Federal Home Loan MTG Corp, Price: $244,900

2141 Summer Hill Circle, Franklin, Summer Hill, Buyer: William and Wilma Davis, Seller: Craig Berris Rev Trust, Price: $585,000

160 Clyde Circle, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park, Buyer: Charles and Rebecca Flueck, Seller: Harry Guillermo-Mendoza Harry, Price: $433,000

1014 Rural Plains Circle, Franklin, Berry Farms Town Center, Buyer: Brett Parker and Aubree Phillips, Seller: Regent Homes LLC, Price: $206,925

1016 Rural Plains Circle, Franklin, Berry Farms Town Center, Buyer: Curtis and Dana Corkern, Seller: Regent Homes LLC, Price: $205,825

2457 Tom Anderson Road, Franklin, Richardson Truett, Buyer: Brent and Theresa Coil, Seller: David and Holly Merrell, Price: $1,425,000

4404 Ivan Creek Drive, Franklin, Ivan Creek, Buyer: Bryan Albritton, Seller: Alliance INV LLC, Price: $145,000

2315 Lucerne Lane, Franklin, Brienz Valley, Buyer: Scott and Wendy Morefield, Seller: Franklin Synergy Bank, Price: $437,000

2735 Owl Hollow Road, Franklin, Buyer: Jamie Zimmer, Seller: James King, Price: $72,323

2209 Brienz Valley Drive, Franklin, Brienz Valley, Buyer: Stephen and Lisa Sermonet, Seller: Curtis and Dana Corkern, Price: $521,200

1797 Witt Way Drive, Franklin, Autumn Ridge, Buyer: Robert Brunson and Kristin Swenson, Seller: Arnold Homes LLC, Price: $435,000

Property Transfers for 37067 as recorded in Williamson County

1839 Brentwood Pointe, Franklin, Brentwood Pointe, Buyer: John Sharp, Seller: Haury and Smith Contractors, Price: $289,900

1856 Brentwood Pointe, Franklin, Brentwood Pointe, Buyer: Julie and Bonnie Washer, Seller: Donna Walker, Price: $225,000

313 Tinnan Avenue, Franklin, Cool Springs East, Buyer: Philip and Lana Rueth, Seller: Jeffrey Glasgow and Susan Dewar, Price: $470,000

413 Savannah Way, Franklin, Cool Springs East, Buyer: Wei and Qi Wang, Seller: Jason and Leigh Ann Corley, Price: $458,000

430 Victorian Park Circle, Franklin, Breezeway, Buyer: Bobby and Jennifer Williamson, Seller: Drees Premier Homes, Price: $575,930

386 Lady of the Lake Lane, Franklin, Avalon, Buyer: Stephen Aguilar and Sally Howard, Seller: John and Lorie Lytle, Price: $220,000

138 Allenhurst Circle, Franklin, Ashton Park, Buyer: Richard Bell and Kimberly Varga, Seller: Robert and Katye Harrell, Price: $594,000

1422 Burnside Drive, Franklin, Ashton Park, Buyer: David Lagana, Seller: Zachariah and Jody Gray, Price: $337,500

340 Wandering Circle, Franklin, Avalon, Buyer: Amitabh and Nivedita Sharma, Seller: Myoung and Eun Choi, Price: $395,000

1709 Players Mill Road, Franklin, McKayes Mill, Buyer: Trevor and Amy Rosen, Seller: Kevin Stanko, Price: $437,000

626 Gleneagle Lane, Franklin, Eagles Glen, Buyer: Jerry and Michelle Watson, Seller: Peter and Kimberly Bauer, Price: $362,000

151 Rosa Helm Way, Franklin, Franklin Commons, Buyer: 1Mosaicre LLC, Seller: Garnerbuilding LLC, Price: $950,000

3068 Cecil Lewis Drive, Franklin, Watkins Creek, Buyer: Derick and Katie Peppers, Seller: NSH Nashville LLC, Price: $432,723

105 Mealer Street, Franklin, Hurstbourne Park, Buyer: Kyle and Christie Huggins, Seller: Tyler and Bobbi McCullough, Price: $582,000

7159 Tullamore Lane, Franklin, Abington Ridge, Buyer: Ronald and Margaret George, Seller: Michael and John Livingston, Price: $485,000

4252 Warren Road, Franklin, Buyer: Frank and Pamela Skaggs, Seller: Simeon and Dorothy Wilford, Price: $494,900

2049 Upland Drive, Franklin, Falcon Creek, Buyer: Aimee Servais, Seller: Jacob and Rachel Davis, Price: $234,000

308 Ridgetop Court, Franklin, Cross Creek, Buyer: Forrest and Linda Windham, Seller: William and Dawn Stuart, Price: $392,000

Property Transfers for 37069 as recorded in Williamson County

815 Sneed Road West, Franklin, Buyer: Christine Setzer, Seller: Erich Routon, Price: $365,000

1116 Harpeth Ridge Road, Franklin, Harpeth Estate, Buyer: Lisa Anderson, Seller: Stephen and Gwen Azar, Price: $507,500

6398 Temple Road, Franklin, Buyer: Simon and Camille Riley, Seller: Kathryn Billingsley, Price: $425,000

1204 Blue Springs Road, Franklin, River Rest Estate, Buyer: John and Laura Husband, Seller: Robert and Tami Goldstone, Price: $330,000

1004 Sundown Circle, Franklin, Legends Ridge, Buyer: Matthew and Julie Baker, Seller: Tennessee Valley Homes, Price: $954,591

1000 Chapel Lake Circle, Franklin, Legends Ridge, Buyer: Legends Ridge Partners, Seller: J & C Properties LLC, Price: $162,500

220 Stable Road, Franklin, Meadowgreen Acres, Buyer: Dillon and Laura Seigenthaler, Seller: Roger and Sheri Bertolini, Price: $250,500

104 Fox Hill Court, Franklin, Montpier Farms, Buyer: Gary and Heidi Schelton, Seller: Mark Hamilton, Price: $403,923

1114 Gray Fox Lane, Franklin, Spencer Creek Place, Buyer: John and Kelly Baldwin, Seller: David and Holly Merrell, Price: $610,000

140 Cavalcade Circle, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms, Buyer: Alicia Mellon, Seller: Ralph Pinnell, Price: $274,000

2016 Baxter Lane, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms, Buyer: William and Gwendolyn Miles, Seller: James and Keri Long, Price: $404,000

723 Black Horse Parkway, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms, Buyer: Derek and Ashley Filippo-Deguire, Seller: George and Sharon Prince, Price: $470,000

1038 Walesworth Drive, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms, Buyer: Zackary Holmes, Seller: Christopher and Hanna Lee, Price: $244,800

466 Essex Park Cirlce, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms, Buyer: Mark Maynard, Seller: Edward Starke, Price: $321,900

457 Essex Park Circle, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms, Buyer: Les Lazarus and Dan Bach, Seller: Anna and Mark Kaiser, Price: $100,000

217 Poydras Street, Franklin, Carolina Close, Buyer: Margaret and Richard Sanders, Seller: Miller Enterprises LLC, Price: $915,647

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