Franklin Mayor Ken Moore considers bid for 7th district congressional seat

Franklin Mayor Ken Moore considers bid for 7th district congressional seat


Franklin Mayor Dr. Ken Moore said Tuesday that he was considering a run for the 7th district congressional seat to be vacated by Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn as she mounts her campaign for the U.S. Senate.

“I’m doing my due diligence process on it, looking at it, understanding all the implications,” Moore said Wednesday.

“It’s a very difficult decision because I really love what I’m doing as mayor and I’ve got a lot of things that I’ve got my hands on right now as far as projects and visions for the city for the future.”

He made it clear that, “if I’m running for another office, I will continue to serve as mayor during that time period,” though if he were to run and win, he would have to resign as mayor.

What made him think about a congressional run? “I was flattered when somebody said, ‘You need to look at this very seriously,’” Moore said of an influencer he did not name.

In his career, Moore said he has interacted with the Washington, D.C. political sphere on many occasions, including during his first career as an orthopedic surgeon, and now as the Mayor of Franklin.

Moore, who describes himself as a “moderate Republican,” said he is interested in the opportunity to work with other politicians toward compromise.

“I think with my skill set, I think I bring something to the table that Washington needs right now, and that’s people that can get together and try to solve problems,” he said. “I think the general perception is that they can’t get anything done. I think they are getting things done, but those big issue items, they’re struggling with.”

Moore listed healthcare, immigration and foreign policy as issues on the forefront he would want to address; of the current healthcare debate, he said, “I think it’s encouraging that you have bipartisan efforts there to do some things about the Affordable Care Act. That’s a start.”

He said he had not spoken with Blackburn about her soon-to-be-vacated seat, but that he imagined she would be “totally neutral” should he choose to run.

The simple formula for a winning congressional campaign for the 7th district, Moore said, would be similar to political campaigns he has run before.

“You craft your message based on what you think you can do, and you take your message to the people and see if that resonates with them,” he said. “If it resonates with them, you’ll likely have a successful campaign.”

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